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Greece: Turkey is Sending Coronavirus-Infected Migrants to Flood Europe

Greek authorities issue warning of plot by Islamist Turkish regime

 on 13th April 2020 @ 12.00pm
greek authorities warn turkey is sending migrants infected by coronavirus into europe © press
Greek authorities warn Turkey is sending migrants infected by coronavirus into Europe

Greece is warning that Turkey is sending thousands of coronavirus-infected migrants to flood the European Union in a bid to perpetuate the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.

Greek authorities, including the Hellenic Armed Forces, Coast Guard, and Police are on high alert after government officials received intel of the disturbing plot by the Islamist Turkish regime.

Turkey's leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is reportedly planning a “sea Evros” as thousands of migrants gather in towns and cities along the country’s Aegean coastline.

The Turkish leader is planning to push COVID-19-infected migrants to Greece and other EU member states, according to a report from Greek newspaper Kathimerini which cites “sources that cannot be named but which are considered reliable.”

Thousands of migrants have reportedly been moved from migrant camps in the interior of Turkey to the country’s coastal regions, the paper's same sources also revealed.

The migrant’s movement toward the coastline is being overseen by Turkish authorities, the report added.

greece is struggling to contain migrants in its overcrowded and unsanitary camps © press
Greece is struggling to contain migrants in its overcrowded and unsanitary camps

The Hellenic Coast Guard has blocked 21 ships full of illegal immigrants in the past two weeks near the area of Lesbos and Agothonisi.

This movement seemingly supports the information put forward by Kathimerini’s sources.

Furthermore, the accumulation of migrants along the Turkish coastline also seems to suggest that Erdogan is could be preparing to flood Greece’s eastern Aegean islands with migrants.

Authorities in Greece have also collected information suggesting various NGOs are also helping migrants in Turkey make their way illegally to Greece.

Earlier this month, Turkey threatened to send back migrants to the Greek border as soon as the global COVID-19 pandemic has ended, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reported.

“When the coronavirus pandemic is over, we are not going to deter any immigrants who want to return to the Greek-Turkish border in Pazar,” Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.

turkey s leader  president recep tayyip erdo  an  recently called for an islamic holy war with europe © press
Turkey's leader, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, recently called for an Islamic holy war with Europe

In late March, Turkey’s Islamist leader called for an Islamic holy war with Europe following his attempts at flooding the European Union with migrants via the Turkish border with Greece.

Erdogan gave a speech where he lauded the offensive on the Greek frontier as a holy war against Europe.

President Erdogan also suggested the possible re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Erodgan opened his fiery speech with a quote from a famous poem written by the Turkish poet Yahya Kemal Beyatlı titled, "26 Ağustos 1922.

The poem is named after the day that the Great Offensive in the Turkish War of Independence vanquished the Greeks in Anatolia.

The attack literally drove them into the Eastern Aegean Sea.

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