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Italian Gov Says He Was Called 'Racist' for Wanting to Test China Visitors in Feb

Lombardy Governor Attilio Fontana said he was 'mocked' by colleagues, accused of racism

 on 3rd April 2020 @ 12.00pm
governor attilio fontana says he was called racist for wanting to test visitors from china for coronavirus © press
Governor Attilio Fontana says he was called racist for wanting to test visitors from China for coronavirus

The governor of Italy's worst affected region during the coronavirus pandemic says he wanted to test all visitors who entered the country from China in February, but he was shot down, "mocked," and called "racist" over the request.

The Chinese virus originated in Wuhan, China but Italy, which has now suffered almost 14,000 deaths, has taken over as the global epicenter in terms of COVID-19 fatalities.

The Lombardy region in Northern Italy is the worst affected area in the country, recording tens of thousands of coronavirus cases.

Lombardy Governor Attilio Fontana says he asked for coronavirus testing for people coming entering the country from China in early February.

However, Gov. Fontana says he was “mocked with insolent words” and called “racist” by his colleagues, according to a report by La Repubblica.

“Your Prime Minister, on February 3, said publicly: ‘don’t worry, you don’t have to foresee any pandemic because our system is ready to face any kind of emergency,'” said Fontana to his center-left opposition during a debate on Italy’s coronavirus crisis on Tuesday.

lombardy governor attilio fontana is working from isolation due to the coronavirus © press
Lombardy Governor Attilio Fontana is working from isolation due to the coronavirus

According to Breitbart, Fontana is a member of Italy’s Lega Party – or “the League” – currently led by former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

“I am surprised that you accuse me of underestimating the problem,” added the governor of Lombardy, while someone in the room shouted “Shame!” at him.

Nevertheless, Fontana continued, proclaiming that he had been called “racist” for wanting to check people coming in from China before the coronavirus crisis started in Italy.

“You were the ones who told me that I was racist when I asked for checks on all citizens who came back from China,” said Fontana.

“I was mocked with insolent words.”

“I was told that I was the cause of Italy’s loss of credibility with the world because I tried to warn that the rules had to be strictly followed because, otherwise, we would have ended up in a dramatic situation,” he added.

lombardy gov attilio fontana says he called for all travellers from china to be tested in february © press
Lombardy Gov Attilio Fontana says he called for all travellers from China to be tested in February

The governor then pointed his finger at Italy’s Higher Institute of Health, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), regarding the ISS making a company in Lombardy (capable of producing 900,000 masks per day) wait for certification to do so.

“Unfortunately, the Higher Institute of Health said that the first meeting to evaluate this certification has been postponed to next week,” said Fontana.

“I believe they should not say, ‘We’ll give an answer in a few weeks,’ thinking that they’re doing us a favor,” he added.

“We need answers in hours, not weeks.”

“Unless they [ISS] have yet to realize that we are in a state of emergency,” the governor quipped.

“Since no one gives us masks anyway, at least give us permission to produce them.”

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