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Biden Attacks Trump's Leadership: 'Step Up and Do Your Job' - WATCH

Ex-vice president blasts POTUS while fumbling through interview on coronavirus response

 on 31st March 2020 @ 3.00pm
joe biden attacked president trump s leadership though the coronavirus crisis © press
Joe Biden attacked President Trump's leadership though the coronavirus crisis

Former Vice President Joe Biden has lashed out at Donald Trump over his leadership through the Chinese coronavirus crisis, telling his president to "step up and do your job."

Speaking during a video interview with MSNBC on Monday, Democratic presidential frontrunner Biden blamed President Trump for the issues emerging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden, who at times appeared confused as he fumbled through his notes, described some of Trump's decisions as "absolutely bizarre."

The ex-VP also called on the president to "stop campaigning" until after the pandemic is under control.


Appearing on MSNBC with Yasmin Vossoughian, Biden blasted Trump for "belittling" state governors with "accusations."

joe biden claims trump needs to  step up  and do his job amid the coronavirus pandemic © press
Joe Biden claims Trump needs to 'step up' and do his job amid the coronavirus pandemic

“We don’t need the kind of talk is president is using," Biden told Vossoughian.

"In fact, the president has to stop the belittling of the governors with whom he disagrees, stop making accusations that somehow some New York hospitals are — they all of a sudden they need more masks, we ought to investigate them," he continued.

"Maybe they are going out the back door. What is that all about?

"That is bizarre, absolutely bizarre.

"Get the help to where it is needed now.

"And what they are doing right is they should let Dr. Fauci and the experts run the show, speak more, let them lay out exactly what is happening," Biden continued.

"Just tell the truth to the American people.

"They are tough. They can take it. But don’t mislead them.”

joe biden appeared confused as he fumbled through his notes to bash trump © press
Joe Biden appeared confused as he fumbled through his notes to bash Trump

“Let’s do everything in our power to do it," Biden continued

"And the social distancing the president gets around to it really late.

"He talked about social distancing not being required.

"Then he said it is going to be required, but everybody will be in church on Easter.

"Now he is acknowledging that’s not going to happen.

"I mean, let’s just level with the American people.”

"Mr. President, let’s get things done," he added.

"Let’s put the politics aside. You know we need more of everything.

"Why are you not insisting it be produced and demanding it using your presidential authority to get it done?

"Nobody disagrees with that. Get it done.

"Step up and do your job. Stop campaigning."

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