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Italians Rise Up Against Globalism Over Coronavirus Response, Demand to Leave EU

Anger growing against European Union in Italy as Portugal & Spain also lash out at bloc

 on 31st March 2020 @ 1.00pm
italians are demanding italy s quits the eu over the bloc s coronavirus response © Press
Italians are demanding Italy's quits the EU over the bloc's coronavirus response

As the coronavirus death toll in Italy continues to surge, currently way over 11,500, Italians are rising up against globalism and demanding to leave the European Union over the EU's response to the Chinese virus pandemic.

Italy has suffered more COVID-19 deaths than any other country by a long way, accounting for almost a third of the global total.

Despite America recording far more cases of coronavirus, Italy has roughly four times as many deaths from the disease as the USA.

The devastation is now leading Italians to question the value of globalism and, more specifically, asking what benefit their European Union membership gives them.

The anti-EU sentiment is now soaring for following Britain's Brexit and getting out and going it alone.

Italian politicians are ramping up discussions about quitting the European Union as citizens begin burning EU flags.

angry italians are burning eu flags on social media as they demand to leave the european union © press
Angry Italians are burning EU flags on social media as they demand to leave the European Union

There is also growing frustration and anger from other EU nations over the bloc's coronavirus response.

After Italy threatened to quit the European Union, Portugal also lashed out at "repugnant" EU member-states.

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked an unprecedented crisis throughout the EU, with a huge rift erupting between the 27 member-states.

Last week's failure to agree on a joint EU economic response to the crisis set off a wave of furious criticism from leaders in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Last Thursday, Germany, the Netherlands, and other northern European countries rejected the plea of nine EU countries for so-called "corona-bonds."

Similar to the stimulus package signed by President Donald Trump last week to help Americans, EU nations hoped the proposed "corona-bonds" would help soften the economic impact of the pandemic. 

Furious Italians have taken to Twitter to burn EU flags and demand their country leaves the European Union:

France24 revealed that angry exchanges between EU leaders took place during the six-hour video conference call, with "intense disagreements" sparking a furious row. 

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told other EU leaders that the "European project" is at stake.

While Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte questioned whether the EU was "truly adapted to a war."

The French broadcaster claimed that even German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the arguments threatened the stability of Europe. 

The summit ended with a declaration giving eurozone finance ministers two weeks to come up with a solution.

Countries such as Italy and Spain, who are the hardest hit from coronavirus, see the "corona-bonds" debate as a "test of the EU's commitment to them."

matteo salvini said italy should leave the european union once the country wins its fight against the outbreak © press
Matteo Salvini said Italy should leave the European Union once the country wins its fight against the outbreak

Following the heated exchanges, Italian newspaper headlines condemned the EU response, describing Brussels as "dead" and "ugly."

Former Italian deputy prime minister and main opposition leader Matteo Salvini said Italy should consider leaving the European Union once the country wins its fight against the outbreak.

On Friday he tweeted: “First let's beat the virus, then think about Europe again.

"And, if necessary, say goodbye. Without even thanking it."

He said that two weeks of more debate would take place "while people die," before comparing the EU to a "den of snakes and jackals." 

Italian Industry Minister Stefano Patuanelli also condemned the lack of unity: "They want us to get into debt so they can punish us."

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa picked out the Dutch as the main hurdle, describing their rejection of the proposal as "repugnant."

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