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Harry & Meghan Must Ask Trump for 'Special Help' with Security Now They Live in LA

Duke and Duchess of Sussex dump Canada and move to America but may need Secret Service

 on 29th March 2020 @ 12.00pm
harry   meghan may need to ask president trump for  special help  from secret service © press
Harry & Meghan may need to ask President Trump for 'special help' from Secret Service

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are faced with having to ask President Donald Trump for "special help" from U.S. Secret Service for their security, now that they've dumped Canada and moved to Los Angeles.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and ten-month-old baby Archie have now started their new life in America, as Canadians bid the jet-setting couple and their security costs farewell.

Harry will no longer be classed as an "international protected person" when he completes the final phase of Megxit next week.

President Trump will, therefore, have the final say over whether the couple can have taxpayer-funded diplomatic protection in the US.

The Sussexes made a last-minute dash across the border from Canada to the US this week to start their new life in LA.

Many are now questioning who will foot the bill for their new Hollywood lifestyles, however.

the jet setting couple has now dumped canada and moved to la to start their new life in america © press
The jet-setting couple has now dumped Canada and moved to LA to start their new life in America

The couple caused quite a stir earlier this year when they made the shock announcement that they were quitting Royal life and leaving the UK.

The Megxit process will finally be complete on Tuesday when the couple will stand down as senior Royals.

A royal source told The Daily Mail that the anti-Trump pair's stepping down removes any obligation on the US government to pay for their security. 

The UK and US have a long-standing reciprocal agreement when it comes to bodyguards protecting diplomats and members of the Royal family.

President Trump's Secret Service agents would have been allowed to carry their weapons on his state visit to the UK and likewise bodyguards for the Queen and Prince Charles when they made official trips to the US. 

But Harry's exit from the Royal family means he is no longer considered an "international protected person" and so these rules don't apply. 

The couple would now need to rely on President Trump to make an exception to cover the costs, the source said.  

"It will be down to Harry or his Met Police protection officers to ask for help," they said.

"There is a reciprocal agreement between the US that allows protection officers to carry their weapons.

"But Harry is no longer a serving royal and that is why his protection in Canada from the Mounties was withdrawn.

"Someone is going to have to ask the State Department, and ultimately the decision rests with Donald Trump, for assistance.

"Harry cannot live in the US without armed protection."

Given Meghan's criticism of the US leader – and snubbing him at a Buckingham Palace banquet – he might not feel so generous to the pair.

Harry has also been disparaging of Trump saying he has "blood on his hands" during a prank telephone call when he was fooled into thinking he was talking to climate activist Greta Thunberg. 

The couple will now have to plead with Trump to cover the costs.

Canadian officials repeatedly said they would not pay for Meghan and Harry's security when the Sussexes quit the UK and made the move to Canada. 

Their protection from the Canadian Royal Mounted Police outside their home in Vancouver was due to cease on the same day that their status as working members of the royal family ends on March 31. 

And it seems some Canadian residents are glad to see the back of the couple when it emerged they had upped sticks and moved to the US for a new life.

canadian prime minister justin trudeau refused to use taxpayer money to pay for the couple s security costs © press
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to use taxpayer money to pay for the couple's security costs

Some took to social media celebrating the news, with one person tweeting: "Well good news Canada, Harry and Meghan have p**ed off to LA !!!"

In one thread, a Canadian said the public had been "Markled" and called on the US to follow Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's lead to refuse to pay for their security.

"Simply put, Canada got Markled. #MeghanMarkle and #JustHarry have already blocked @JustinTrudeau's phone number. Hopefully @realDonaldTrump @POTUS and @GavinNewsom will clamp down on these two #Grifters and finally tell them 'NO'. #NoTitlesForTheSussexes #Megxit #PayForSecurity," they tweeted. 

Others were sad to see them go but voiced anger that the couple had contributed nothing to their temporary home in the short time they have been there.

"Not shocked, not surprised, but grossly disappointed and maybe a little bit angry. Their entire relationship the have given us literally NOTHING, not a picture not a parade! I don't ever want to see them again, quite frankly. Out tax money has bigger priorities," one person said.

Another Canadian tweeted "we got played." 

The couple's move seemed to backtrack on previous claims that they would not live in America as long as Donald Trump was president. 

Some Twitter users slammed the "hypocrisy:" 

"So Harry and Meghan are moving to LA. Ah remember when they said they wouldn't move to America while Trump was president. Funny what regular work does isn't it. Shameless hypocrisy."

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