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German Officials, Activists Call for More Migrants: 'We Have Space'

Calling on migrants at Greece-Turkey border to flood Europe, head for Germany

 on 10th March 2020 @ 12.00pm
germany is calling on migrants to breach the greece border and head into europe © press
Germany is calling on migrants to breach the Greece border and head into Europe

German officials and activists are calling on migrants, currently attempting to illegally breach Greece's border from Turkey, to flood Europe and head for Germany.

Politicians, artists, journalists, and asylum lobbyists are using the crisis at the Greek-Turkish border - the gateway between the Middle East and the European Union - to demand even more migrants

Prominent figures are using the mottos “Refugees Welcome” and “We have space” to encourage migrants to head for Germany and Europe.

The calls come despite the social and political upheaval wrought by the 2015 migrant crisis.

Those calling for a fresh influx say that a repeat of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open borders policy is necessary and the country has “enough space” to accept millions more, according to Junge Freiheit.

Activists are using the hashtag #WirHabenPlatz, which translates to “We have space,” to spread their message on Twitter.

left wing mp niema movassat says he s  very much in favor  of a push to  open the gates wide © press
Left-wing MP Niema Movassat says he's 'very much in favor' of a push to 'open the gates wide'

A broad range of figures have taken to promoting a repeat of 2015 when over one million migrants entered Germany.

Left-wing MP Niema Movassat tweeted, “I am very much in favor of repeating 2015 that we open the gates wide to people in need. 

"This time there is enough space in refugee centers.

"Many municipalities have agreed to accept people.

"It is THE commandment of humanity! #WirHabenPlatz.”

Ulrich Schulte from the Taz, one of Germany’s most prominent leftist newspaper, also shares the opinion that the country has coped well with the influx of refugees in 2015.

“The country is doing brilliantly, many people have been helped,” Schulte wrote.

As a result, he believes the country should still be accepting thousands of migrants from Turkey and elsewhere.

greece is struggling to defend its frontier as migrants violently attempt to rush the border © press
Greece is struggling to defend its frontier as migrants violently attempt to rush the border

The news comes as migrants trying to make the crossing into Greece explain their motivation behind wanting to illegally enter the EU.

Video has emerged of migrants being interviewed at the border on why they want to rush the Greek border.

Speaking to a German reporter, groups of military-aged male migrants say they want to get to Germany for "free money."

The video clearly depicts economic migrants, most of whom are fighting-age males, who are not Syrian’s fleeing war.

The majority appear to be migrants from various countries throughout the Middle East and Africa who say themselves that they are looking to travel to Germany because the state will provide them with free food, shelter, and money.

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