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Socialist Spain Moves to Let Doctors Kill Sick Patients as Health Care Costs Rise

Spanish government accused of promoting euthanasia to eliminate 'people who are expensive'

 on 21st February 2020 @ 1.00pm
spain s socialist government is moving to allow euthanasia for sick patients © press
Spain's socialist government is moving to allow euthanasia for sick patients

Spain's socialist government is moving to allow doctors to kill sick patients as health care costs in the country continue to rise.

The Spanish socialist ruling party has been accused by the minority pro-life party of promoting euthanasia to eliminate "people who are expensive at the end of their lives."

The majority in the lower chamber of Spain’s Congress has voted to consider a new measure to allow patients to be legally euthanized.

The bill would legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia in cases where there are “clearly debilitating diseases without a cure, without a solution, and which cause significant suffering.”

The 350-member Congress of Deputies passed a measure on Tuesday by a vote of 201 to 140, with two abstentions, according to Spanish daily El País.

The bill would then move to the Senate for a final vote, following a debate in committee.

spain s government is considering the bill that would allow doctors to euthanize certain patients © press
Spain's government is considering the bill that would allow doctors to euthanize certain patients

In its current form, if passed, the law would allow voluntary euthanasia as well as assisted suicide, according to LifeSite News.

This is the third time the bill has emerged in Congress, where its proponents hope it will be approved in June.

Assisted suicide means that a doctor prescribes lethal drugs to a patient, who then self-administers the drugs.

Voluntary euthanasia can be defined as when a physician or medical professional kills a patient at the patient’s request.

Both forms of killing are legal in Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and in the state of Victoria in Australia.

Switzerland and some U.S. states allow assisted suicide.

Both forms of dealing death would be legalized by the Spanish legislation, which would allow doctors to object on the basis of conscience but require them to refer patients to doctors willing to assist in death.

The bill also requires that patients not have to wait more than a month after making a request for either assisted suicide or euthanasia.

After two doctors consider an initial request, patients would then make an additional request for approval by a government committee.

The Catholic Church, as well as the Popular Party and Vox Party, has expressed vehement opposition to the bill.

From the floor of Congress, Deputy José Ignacio Echániz of the Popular Party accused Spain’s socialist government on Tuesday of seeking to “save money” on care for “people who are expensive at the end of their lives.”

He said, “For the Socialist Party, euthanasia is cost-saving measure.”

Euthanasia as a cost-saving measure

Echániz said the socialist government is having trouble paying for its welfare policies: “Every time one of these people with these characteristics disappears, there also disappears an economic and financial problem for the government.

"For each one of these people who is pushed toward death by euthanasia, the government is saving a great deal.

"Behind this is a leftist philosophy to avoid the social cost of an aging population in our country.”

While offering legislation to improve palliative care, Echániz said it is “curious” that despite Spain’s excellent medical care, socialists are calling for euthanasia rather than “defending life until the last moment.”

Madrid mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida and city chief executive Isabel Díaz Ayuso, both of whom represent the Popular Party, also denounced the bill.

In an interview with Antena 3 radio, Díaz Ayuso reproached the socialists for their reasoning, saying, “Death is not dignity; it is death,” and added, “Life is dignity.”

The euthanasia bill, she argued, is a “red herring” being offered by her opponents to distract from their failings.

Speaking for the pro-life Vox Party, Rocio Monasterio said in a news conference on Tuesday that Vox will mount strong opposition to the bill.

We believe in the dignity of the person, she said while calling for more resources for palliative care.

Vox, she said, defends the dignity of people from conception to natural death, unlike the leftists, who “want to eliminate all those whose lives, according to the Socialist Party, are no longer useful.”

if passed  doctors would be able to euthanize sick patients under the proposed laws © press
If passed, doctors would be able to euthanize sick patients under the proposed laws

Vox Deputy Lourdes Méndez took to the floor on Tuesday, warning Congress that they had embarked on legislation that resembled Nazi law of the 1930s with which the German Third Reich could legally murder mentally and physically handicapped people who had been judged “unfit.

Méndez said, “The weakest and most vulnerable would be pressured by the system and would come to feel that they are a burden.”

While she also proposed a bill for palliative care, she said, “In the face of suffering, we propose to offer companionship; we propose a culture of care and propose to relieve pain.

"You propose in the face of suffering to eliminate the sick; you propose death.”

Speaking directly to the socialists, she said, “May God forgive you!”

Critics of the leftist euthanasia bill point out that both euthanasia and assisted suicide are beyond the scope of medicine and also violate the Hippocratic Oath, well enshrined in the medical profession, which states: “I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.”

In a statement, Spanish Catholic bishops said there is a flawed belief that assisted suicide and euthanasia are acts of autonomy, saying: “[I]t is not possible to understand euthanasia and assisted suicide as something that refers exclusively to the autonomy of the individual, since such actions involve the participation of others, in this case, of health personnel.”

Instead of promoting death, Spain should instead embrace palliative care that can ease suffering, they said.

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