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Biden: DACA Illegal Immigrants are 'More American than Most Americans'

Joe Biden says illegals make 'decent citizens' when 'they don’t know where they're from

 on 19th February 2020 @ 1.00am
former vice president joe biden says daca illegal aliens are  more american than most americans © press
Former Vice President Joe Biden says DACA illegal aliens are 'more American than most Americans'

Former Vice President Joe Biden has doubled down on his claim that DACA illegal immigrants are "more American than most Americans."

The Democratic presidential candidate made the comments during a campaign event in Reno, Nevada on Monday, arguing that illegal aliens, who participate in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, make "decent citizens."

During his Monday appearance, Biden spoke of a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants currently in America and repeated his call for assisting DACA participants.

Under DACA, which was created via executive order during the Obama administration, children of illegal immigrants were not deported as long as they registered and met certain conditions.

Biden made similar comments in January when he told an Iowa crowd that DACA illegals are "more American than most Americans" because "they have done well in school."

Ex-VP Biden appeared to up the ante in his Monday remarks, by insisting that Americans on Social Security owe illegal immigrants a vast debt.

joe biden insists that daca illegal aliens are  more american than most americans © press
Joe Biden insists that DACA illegal aliens are 'more American than most Americans'

“I’m going to, once again, legalize all the DACA students,” Biden said.

"These DACA students are more Americans than most Americans are."

“No, I’m serious. Think about it. They come along and they’re 8 years old and [their] mom says they’re crossing the river,” he added.

Then, imitating a child, he said, “No leave me here, mom, I don’t want to go.”

“They don’t know where they’re from. They’ve never been there,” Biden said.

"They’ve been good, decent citizens and they’re great additions."

Biden then insisted that Social Security is balanced on the back of illegal immigrants.

“You know our Social Security system is still solvent? Because of immigration,” Biden said.

"They didn’t cost us anything, they’re paying for it and that’s the reason why it’s moving.”

Biden had previously extolled the virtues of DACA participants during a campaign stop in Iowa.

“These kids have come, they’ve done well, most of these kids — there’s a lot of them, and they’re not just Hispanic, they’re Asian-Pacific Islanders as well, and they in fact have done very, very well,” Biden said last month.

“In many cases, they’re more American than most Americans are because they have done well in school,” he said.

“They believe the basic principles that we all share,” he said.

"I think they should be, in fact, put on a path to citizenship."

joe biden assured the reno crown that he s  serious  when he says daca illegals  are more american than most americans © press
Joe Biden assured the Reno crown that he's 'serious' when he says DACA illegals 'are more American than most Americans'

Biden’s support for DACA illegals rubbed many on Twitter the wrong way:

A November 2019 report from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said that in 10.38 percent of 765,166 approved DACA cases, the individual involved had an arrest on their record.

It also noted that 38.71 percent of individuals requesting DACA status who were denied or had their status terminated also had an arrest.

The Trump administration has proposed ending DACA.

That action is now before the Supreme Court, according to The Washington Post.

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