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Buttigieg Vows Taxpayer-Funded 'Free' Health Care for Illegal Immigrants

Democrat presidential candidate pledges to open up Obamacare to illegal aliens

 on 18th February 2020 @ 1.00am
pete buttigieg has pledged to give illegal aliens access to  free  obamacare © press
Pete Buttigieg has pledged to give illegal aliens access to 'free' Obamacare

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has vowed to give illegal aliens access to "free" health care by opening up taxpayer-funded Obamacare to undocumented immigrants.

While speaking to an illegal immigrant on Sunday, former South Bend Mayor Buttigieg promised they would have taxpayer-funded health care if he was elected president.

“As you know, the Affordable Care Act, one of the many missing pieces that it has is that the exchanges are not available to the undocumented,” Buttigieg told the illegal alien.

“I would change that, and that would be a change that would come with the ‘Medicare-for-All-Who-Want-It’ plan that I am proposing.”

Buttigieg made the pledge to open-up taxpayer-funded health care for illegals during a political exchange with Planned Parenthood in Nevada on Sunday.

The Democratic White House hopeful told the illegal immigrant that he viewed her being no less American than any U.S. citizen, despite her illegal status.

pete buttigieg has vowed to give illegal aliens access to  free  health care © press
Pete Buttigieg has vowed to give illegal aliens access to 'free' health care

“So, first of all, this should go without saying but it’s important to say out loud that I regard you and all DACA recipients as American as I am or anybody else is in this room,” Buttigieg said.

In December, Buttigieg also expressed his desire that he would open up taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegals during a conversation with a voter in Spanish.

“So the most important thing for me is that we offer the opportunity for health care to all in our country, and this includes the opportunity to buy this plan of Medicare-for-All-who-want-it,” Buttigieg said, according to a translation of his remarks.

“That is our solution," he added.

"And this opportunity to buy this plan is for everyone regardless of their immigration status.”

A clip of the exchange was published by The Republican National Committee Research Team.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Just because Pete Buttigieg is from Indiana doesn’t make him a moderate,” Republican National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said on Twitter.

pete buttigieg was filmed telling a fast food worker that he give  free  health care to illegal aliens as president © press
Pete Buttigieg was filmed telling a fast food worker that he give 'free' health care to illegal aliens as president

Last week, Buttigieg caused outrage while promoting a new "visa program."

As Neon Nettle previously reported, Buttigieg's program aims to encourage legal immigrants to flood small American towns in order to increase the regions’ populations.

The program aims to benefit corporate investors, big business and housing developers, while seemingly sidling ordinary residents.

Buttigieg touted his 'investor-friendly' plan during a campaign stop in Merrimack, New Hampshire, which would overwhelm small American towns with legal immigration to drive population growth.

Buttigieg told the crowd:

I’m proposing what we call “Community Renewal Visas” that when a community that is very much in need of growing its population recognizes that, and makes a choice to welcome more than its share of new Americans that we create a fast-track if they apply for an allotment of visas, that goes to those who are willing to be in those areas that maybe are hurting for population but have great potential.

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