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Trump’s Response Goes Viral When Asked What Impeachment Trial Taught Him

President speaks about what he learned from Democrats' campaign to impeach him

 on 14th February 2020 @ 12.00am
trump was asked what he learned from the democrats  impeachment campaign   his response went viral © press
Trump was asked what he learned from the Democrats' impeachment campaign - his response went viral

President Donald Trump was asked during a Wednesday White House presser what the Democrat-led impeachment trial taught him, and his response went viral.

When asked by one reporter what he learned after his presidency was taken to the brink while enduring a Senate impeachment trial, he responded saying he found out that the Democrats are "crooked" and "vicious."

While introducing the question, the reporter pointed to some Republicans who said they hoped the president would learn a lesson during the process.

President Rump continued by mocking the "crooked" Democrats, telling the reporter that he learned they had miscalculated.

When prompted by the reporter what he learned about himself, he said is now polling "10 points higher."


president trump made the remarks while speaking to reporters in the white house © press
President Trump made the remarks while speaking to reporters in the White House

Trump has long insisted that Democrats – after failing with the Mueller report – simply concocted a new scheme to remove him from office.

Democrats accused the president of holding up military aid for Ukraine and essentially using it as an incentive to get Kiev to investigate Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden and his business dealings in the country.

Trump's detractors said Trump was hoping to find dirt on the Bidens that could damage the elder's chances in 2020.

Neither has been officially accused of wrongdoing.

Trump has maintained that there was never any quid pro quo and he was simply the subject of a flawed political witch hunt.

The impeachment campaign found no evidence that Trump pressured Ukraine or pushed them to launch an investigation, which they never did.

Speaking about the impeachment proceedings, the reporter asked Trump:

"Some Republicans have said they hoped you would learn a lesson from impeachment.

"What lesson did you learn from impeachment?"

President Trump responded saying: "That the democrats are crooked…

"That they shouldn't have brought impeachment and my poll numbers are 10 points higher."

Meanwhile, a viral petition to "impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of treason" has gained an incredible 330,000 signatures since it was launched.

a viral petition to  impeach nancy pelosi for crimes of treason  has hit 330 000 signatures © press
A viral petition to 'impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of treason' has hit 330,000 signatures

The petition appears to have been reignited recently after the Senate voted to acquit President Trump of the two articles of impeachment pushed by Pelosi and her House Democrats.

The campaign has seemingly struck a chord with many Americans who have been left frustrated by the Democratic Party's ongoing push to impeach their president.

The petition has now far exceeded the minimum of 100,000 signatures required to warrant an official response after going viral across social media.

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