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UK Liberals Block Foreign Killer, Rapists, Violent Criminals from Being Deported

Dangerous serious offenders could be back on streets within 48 hours, officials warn

 on 12th February 2020 @ 12.00pm
the group of dangerous criminals escaped deportation following protests © press
The group of dangerous criminals escaped deportation following protests

A group of dangerous foreign criminals, who were due to be removed from British prisons and deported to Jamaica on Tuesday, have escaped deportation after liberals lodged a complaint with the Court of Appeals and blocked the process.

Among the group of 25 convicts to escape the "mass-deportation" flight out of the country were a killer, two rapists, and seven violent criminals.

Despite being previously jailed, the violent offenders could now be back on the streets of Britain within 48 hours after judges blocked their deportation.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly "furious" at the prospect of 25 serious offenders being freed from prison instead of deported as planned.

Liberal human rights groups claimed that the convicted criminals had been denied access to legal advice before boarding the flight.

The complaint led to a judicial review that stopped the criminals from being deported to Jamaica.

the  mass deportation  flight left the uk on tuesday as planned  but many of the criminals escaped boarding © press
The 'mass-deportation' flight left the UK on Tuesday as planned, but many of the criminals escaped boarding

Liberals celebrated on Tuesday after successfully blocking some of the foreign convicts being removed from the taxpayer-funded British prison system.

It means a killer, two sex offenders, a firearms offender, seven violent criminals, and 14 drug offenders remain. 

Boris Johnson is hoping the speed up a bid to limit the powers of individuals and campaigners to use such reviews to challenge ministers, The Times reports.

His most senior adviser, Dominic Cummings, branded the Court of Appeal's decision the "perfect symbol of the British state's dysfunction."

Cummings is pushing for "urgent action on the farce that judicial review has become."

The flight was supposed to be carrying 50 people that ministers categorized as having committed serious crimes.

The plane left for Kingston at about 7.30 am yesterday, taking just 17 people on the journey.

It went ahead despite legal challenges being underway, but the prime minister said that those on board "should have taken the precaution of not being serious criminals."

The government now fears that those remaining will secure bail within days and be released from immigration removal centers.

They can only remain in the centers if there is a reasonable prospect of their removal from the UK. 

Mr. Johnson's official spokesman said that the public had now spent tens of thousands of pounds on appeals and judicial reviews for the offenders.

The charity Detention Action successfully argued that some detainees at Colnbrook and Harmondsworth immigration removal centers had been unable to get legal advice because of a lack of phone coverage for O2 customers.

However, officials pointed out the men had access to landline telephones, Skype, the internet, email, and legal surgeries at the facilities. 

They included Randee Hall, 21, an illegal immigrant who was convicted in 2018 of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply and jailed for four years.

Another was Adam Golbourne, who, in 2017, another illegal alien found guilty of intent to supply Class A drugs and spent two years in prison.

Maria Thomas, of Duncan Lewis solicitors which is acting for 14 of the offenders who were not deported, said that at least two would be bringing claims under the Modern Slavery Act. 

She said that those in question claim that they were victims of people trafficking.  

But Johnson said yesterday: "Obviously we don't want to do anything that's in contravention of the law, but on the other hand I think these individuals should have taken the precaution of not being serious criminals.

"I think the public will understand it's right for us to deport people who are guilty of very serious offenses."

Sources close to Home Secretary Priti Patel said: "All the Labour politicians who are trying every trick in the book to stop these deportation flights never think about the victims.

"People suffered terrible crimes at the hands of these offenders and yet these campaigners couldn't give a stuff.

"They never think about the victims."

Under the UK Borders Act 2007, the Home Office must make a deportation order where a foreign national has been convicted of an offense and received a custodial sentence of 12 months or more. 

This is subject to several exceptions, including where to do so would breach someone's human rights or the UK's obligations under the Refugee Convention.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) said the flight had "forced" families apart, adding that the deportees were "British in every meaningful way and if the law allows those people to be exiled, it needs to change."

pm boris johnson is reportedly furious that violent foreign criminals were able to escape deportation © press
PM Boris Johnson is reportedly furious that violent foreign criminals were able to escape deportation

Charge sheet of the 17 'serious criminals' deported to Jamaica

The Government said 17 foreign criminals with a combined sentence of 75 years and one life sentence were deported on today's charter flight.

This includes a combined total of 15.5 years for rape, 16 years for violent offenses, almost 29 years for drug-related offenses, including Class A drugs and 14 years for robbery with possession of a firearm:


  • One convicted for rape and given an 11 year sentence
  • One convicted of rape and given a sentence of 4 years and 6 months
  • Violent crime
  • One convicted for a violent assault and given a sentence of 1 year and 3 months
  • One convicted of wounding with intend to cause GBH, possession of a weapon in public place Violent offences against a person (Wounding) 7 years
  • One convicted of a violent crime against a person and given a 8 year sentence


  • One convicted for intent to supply class A drugs – 7-year sentence
  • One persistent offender, whose most recent conviction was for drugs offences and intimidating a witness and given a total sentence of 11 months
  • One convicted for importing controlled drugs and given a sentence of four years
  • One convicted to supplying class A drugs and given a sentence of four years and six months
  • One convicted to supplying class A drugs and given a sentence of three years
  • One convicted of importing controlled class B drugs and given a three year sentence
  • One convicted of supplying class A drugs (crack cocaine) and given a sentence of 3 years and 2 months
  • One convicted of supplying class A drugs and given a sentence of 3 years and 4 months

Robbery and firearm offences

  • One convicted of robbery and give a life sentence
  • One convicted of robbery, firearms offence, theft of a vehicle and possessing class A drugs, given a five year sentence
  • One convicted for conspiracy to rob and possession of a firearm and given a sentence of 9 years


  • One convicted of burglary and given a prison sentence of 2 years and 6 months

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