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Biden: 'Nobody' is Accusing Hunter of Misconduct 'Except the Thug Rudy Giuliani'

Former Vice President defends son's Ukraine 'corruption'

 on 10th February 2020 @ 9.00pm
joe biden biden claims only person accusing his son is trump s personal lawyer © press
Joe Biden Biden claims only person accusing his son is Trump's personal lawyer

Former Vice President Joe Biden has argued that the only person accusing his Hunter Biden of misconduct in Ukraine is personal legal counsel for President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani.

The Democratic presidential seemed surprised that Giuliani has been sending his research on Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine to the Department of Justice.

Biden was told:

“Mr. Vice President, the president also has been going after your son and [Sen.] Lindsey Graham told CBS News that the Justice Department is vetting information from Rudy Giuliani about your son’s work in Ukraine. Are you concerned a federal investigation —”

“Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani,” Biden replied.

“Rudy Giuliani. Look, I expect Trump to do the same exact thing he’s been doing," Biden added.

on sunday  giuliani claimed witnesses are ready to  name names  in an investigation into hunter biden and ukraine corruption © press
On Sunday, Giuliani claimed witnesses are ready to 'name names' in an investigation into Hunter Biden and Ukraine corruption

"Why has he been attacking me from the beginning?” Biden asked.

“Why would he risk getting convicted — and he should have been impeached — why did he risk getting convicted by going to a foreign leader to say, ‘You don’t have to give anyone on Biden, there’s nothing to get, but just tell me that you’re going to investigate him so I can hurt him,'" Biden continued.

"Have you ever seen a sitting president as concerned about a single nominee and trying to stop a nominee?”

Lindsey Graham told, “Face the Nation” on Sunday that the Department of Justice was examining Giuliani’s intelligence, and that he would be speaking to the Senate Intelligence Committee about his conclusions.

The Senator has repeatedly called for a thorough investigation into the activities of the Bidens in Ukraine, were Biden was former President Barack Obama’s point man, and Hunter was on the board for Burisma Holdings.

Biden was asked if his “son is fair game” in an election campaign.

Biden replied, confused, asking if the interviewer meant Biden’s son or Giuliani’s son.

“Your son Hunter.”

giuliani vowed to release  evidence  proving biden and his son  hunter biden   made millions  from  selling  the obama administration to ukraine © press
Giuliani vowed to release 'evidence' proving Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, 'made millions' from 'selling' the Obama Administration to Ukraine.

“I don’t think our sons are fair game at all. No one has said he has done anything wrong except the thug Rudy Giuliani. Come on, Rudy Giuliani as a character witness?” asked Biden.

On Sunday, Giuliani claimed witnesses are ready to "name names" in an investigation into Hunter Biden and Ukraine corruption.

"I want to prove what happened," Giuliani said, adding the the 'smoking gun' would "totally vindicate" President Trump.

"Because I believe if we prove what happened, he will be totally vindicated."

Last month, Giuliani stated that an investigation into Biden was warranted because he is a "crook."

Giuliani vowed to release "evidence" proving Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, "made millions" from "selling" the Obama Administration to Ukraine.

The former New York City Mayor said the was handing over the "evidence about the extent of Dem corruption" to Fox News.

"Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more," Giuliani tweeted.

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