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'I Will Never Vote Democrat Again,' Say Angry Dems After Pelosi’s SOTU Tantrum

Democratic voters turn on House speaker over Trump speech-ripping stunt

 on 7th February 2020 @ 3.00pm
angry democrats are turning against the party after nancy pelosi s stunt at the sotu © press
Angry Democrats are turning against the party after Nancy Pelosi's stunt at the SOTU

Angry Dems are turning against the Democratic Party after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech, with voters declaring they "will never vote Democrat again."

After Nancy Pelosi's tantrum at the conclusion of Trump's SOTU address on Tuesday, the mainstream media has attempted to paint her as a hero.

In the real world, however, Democrat voters feel differently.

Most Americans, it turns out, think you should stand up and clap for the good things that happen in the US instead of putting personal feelings and hyperpartisan politics first.

In response to the backlash surrounding Pelosi's SOTU stunt, C-SPAN asked people, including Democrats, to call in and give their opinions.


nancy pelosi triggered widespread outrage when she ripped up a copy of trump s sotu speech © press
Nancy Pelosi triggered widespread outrage when she ripped up a copy of Trump's SOTU speech

"I’m a Democrat, but I no longer will vote Democrat,” said one caller.

"I think it’s outrageous that they sat there when all these good things are happening to our country and how much we love our country.

"And they looked like they hated our country

"It’s outrageous and I will never vote Democrat again.”

She went on to say that all her family voted for Hillary last time but this time they will "never vote for a Democrat again."

And she wasn't alone.

A man called in and said, “Let me put it this way, I’ve been a Democrat for 70-some years and what I saw tonight was appalling to me…

"It was very disrespectful to this president and I didn’t vote for him… but that man is the president and we should respect him.

"What I’ve seen tonight of the Democrat party, I am changing my mind… I’ll probably stay home," he continued.

"I’m embarrassed being a God-danged Democrat for what they did in the House today.

"They looked like a bunch of dadgum idiots sitting there,” the caller added.

A woman from Mississippi also called in to blast the Democrats.

"I watched my president give a speech on everything great that’s happening in our country but yet, Nancy Pelosi and the others who were dressed in white, I might add, just sitting over there, never standing, never clapping for anything that might be good for the country—I don’t understand it.

"I used to be a Democrat, and I am no longer a Democrat.

democrat law professor jonathan turley blasted nancy pelosi as a  partisan troll  for the stunt © press
Democrat Law Professor Jonathan Turley blasted Nancy Pelosi as a 'partisan troll' for the stunt

According to PJ Media, during the full live stream, there were many more calls saying the same thing.

Meanwhile, calls are beginning to mount for Pelosi to resign from her role as speaker of the House amid the backlash to her Tuesday SOTU stunt.

A prominent Democrat law professor and top congressman have joined calls on Pelosi to stand down over her conduct during the conclusion of President Trump’s SOTU address.

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) responded to Pelosi's speech-ripping stunt by writing: “Nancy Pelosi should step down as Speaker.

"I’m confident that the American public will be directly sending her that message themselves later this year if she doesn’t read the tea leaves herself and resign on her own terms today.

"It’s time," the congressman added.

George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley, a self-described Democrat, also joined Zeldin in calling for Pelosi to step down following her conduct, calling her a “partisan troll."

"For those of us who truly love the House as an institution, it was one of the lowest moments to unfold on the floor," Turley added.

"That is why I argue in the Hill that, if Pelosi does not apologize and agree to honor the principle of neutrality and civility at the State of the Union, she should resign as speaker."

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