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Donna Brazile: Trump’s 'Politically-Driven' Acquittal 'Weakens Rule of Law'

Fox news contributor says Trump's acquittal will be a 'sad day'

 on 5th February 2020 @ 9.00pm
former dnc chair writes op ed describing how trump s ensured acquittal ensured acquittal was a  sad day  for democracy © press
Former DNC chair writes Op-ed describing how Trump's ensured acquittal ensured acquittal was a 'sad day' for democracy

Former acting chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Donna Brazile has claimed President Donald Trump’s all-but-ensured acquittal was a “sad day” for democracy.

In a Fox News Op-Ed, Brazile wrote:

The impeachment trial of President Trump will soon be history, and the outcome will go down as a sad day for our democracy.

Although the evidence of President Trump’s unlawful and impeachable acts is overwhelming and growing, the Republican-controlled Senate is certain to fall short Wednesday of the two-thirds vote needed to convict him on two articles of impeachment adopted by the House.

Saying that something will “soon be history” can have a dismissive ring to it. To some people, it just means that it’s done, over, finished, forgotten. But history is never done, nor over, nor finished. And what has taken place over these past few weeks will never be forgotten.

 leaders need to be aware of history when they   re making really big decisions   brazile wrote © press
'Leaders need to be aware of history when they’re making really big decisions,' Brazile wrote

Leaders need to be aware of history when they’re making really big decisions. Those really big decisions aren’t made just for themselves, for their careers, their party, or even their constituents. Those decisions are made for all Americans, including the dead and those yet to be born – for everyone in the history of this nation. Even the history that hasn’t been written yet.

Brazile resigned from CNN in 2016 after she leaked questions to then-Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign ahead of a CNN debate and town hall.

Last year, Brazile told News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” that Hillary Clinton is not the president because “the country was attacked by Russia.

brazile wrote that trump  acquittal  will go down as  a sad day  for our democracy © press
Brazile wrote that Trump' acquittal will go down as 'a sad day' for our democracy

Brazile, who still hasn't let go of the Russian collusion narrative, claimed Clinton "was the main victim of that attack.”

Former DNC interim chair Brazile was then asked about Hillary being the keynote speaker of a cybersecurity summit:

“Let me just say this; she understands the threat," she said.

"I’m sure she will talk about the remedies and what we should do going forward."

"As a former secretary of state, she understands part of our arsenal to defend our nation is not just having bombs and all this other stuff."

She continued:

“The reason she’s not in the White House today is the country was attacked, and she was the main victim of that attack.”

In April, Brazile also defended former President Barack Obama over his response to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, saying "he was in a box."

Brazile said she believed Obama and the administration did “everything they could” to prevent meddling from Russia.

"I think they did everything they could without sounding all of the alarm bells,” Brazile said on Fox News’s The Daily Briefing.

“If Obama did more on Russian meddling, she said, critics would have accused him of trying to help his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in her race against then-candidate Donald Trump,” Fox News reported.

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