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Chaffetz Calls for Schiff to Be Stripped of Security Clearance: 'He Continues to Lie'

Former Republican rep blasts Democratic impeachment manager

 on 5th February 2020 @ 12.00am
jason chaffetz says rep  adam schiff should be stripped of security clearance because  he continues to lie © press
Jason Chaffetz says Rep. Adam Schiff should be stripped of security clearance because 'he continues to lie'

Former Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz has blasted Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), calling for the Democrat impeachment manager to be stripped of his security clearance because "he continues to lie."

Chaffetz told Fox News's “Fox & Friends” that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff's impeachment case against President Donald Trump failed during the Senate trial.

“They didn’t convince anybody,” he said, referring to Schiff and his fellow anti-Trump Democratic colleagues.

Chaffetz then went on to slam some of Schiff’s statements during the impeachment trial.

“I still, to this day, do not understand why Adam Schiff has a security clearance," Chaffetz said.

"He continues to lie. He continues to put out information that he knows is not true."

adam schiff has been leading the anti trump democrats  impeachment campaign © press
Adam Schiff has been leading the anti-Trump Democrats' impeachment campaign

"He has stood in front of the United States Senate and talked about things that are not in the impeachment,” Chaffetz continued.

“I think he is a terrible embarrassment and somebody has got to, I hope, answer the question, ‘why do you have a security clearance?'”

Chaffetz was then reminded of how, on Monday, Schiff suggested that the president could sell Alaska back to Russia in exchange for help rigging the 2020 election in his favor if abuse of power was not found to be an impeachable offense.

“Give away Alaska," Chaffetz said

"How do Democrats with a straight face say we can’t have Donald Trump in the presidency because, well, we are worried about the integrity of the election?

"Time to maybe go look in the mirror here a little bit, folks.”

The impeachment trial of Trump drew closer toward its almost-inevitable conclusion with closing arguments Monday.

Democratic House impeachment managers made a last-ditch push to convince the Senate that an acquittal would be a "death blow" to the ability to hold a president in check.

While Trump’s defense team accused the Democrats of engaging in a rushed, "purely partisan" endeavor.

adam schiff has repeatedly been accused of lying throughout the impeachment proceedings © press
Adam Schiff has repeatedly been accused of lying throughout the impeachment proceedings

Each side was permitted Monday to take up to two hours to make their final case, as proceedings stretch into another week amid expectations that a largely party-line acquittal awaits the president by Wednesday afternoon.

Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager, said on Sunday that he believes the Democrats “proved” their case against President Trump and that there was nothing they could have done differently

“Look, there's nothing that I can see that we could have done differently because, as the senators have already admitted, we proved our case. We proved our case,” Schiff told CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

Chaffetz went on to say, “There is no momentum.

"Adam Schiff failed and failed again. He did not make the case.

"It was a terrible embarrassment and should’ve never happened.”

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