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Donald Trump Jr. Roasts Bidens and Biased Media Treatment of His Family - WATCH

President Son calls out presidential candidate for corruption during interview

 on 4th February 2020 @ 2.00pm
trump jr  stated the  impeachment hoax  started the day his father won the election © press
Trump JR. stated the 'impeachment hoax' started the day his father won the election

Donald Trump Jr., on Monday, shredded former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, while calling out the media for their 'biased treatment' of the Trump family.

Trump's son noted how Hunter Biden was 'taking millions,' adding that senators admitted he committed treason.

Trump spoke during a Fox News interview:

“Well, listen, there’s the part where you’re watching this stuff go down to your father," Trump began.

"But, look at me, for example, I mean, I’ve done 30 hours of testimony regarding a 20-minute unsolicited meeting, right?” Trump said.

“Meanwhile, Hunter Biden is taking millions, is literally the start of the entire Ukraine hoax, and they don’t even consider calling him," he added.

"I mean, think about it, 30 hours in front of the House and Senate. I had senators on TV saying that this man committed treason, he must go to jail for life.”

trump also mocked joe biden over his inability to deal with small crowds in his campaign trail © press
Trump also mocked Joe Biden over his inability to deal with small crowds in his campaign trail,

Trump also pointed out that the 'impeachment hoax' started the day his father won the election.

“I mean, this isn’t even hyperbole anymore. The impeachment hoax started the day my father won the election, OK? It started — the articles were written before — during the inauguration, they were typing them, right,” Trump continued.

“The Washington Post made the case for impeachment literally 20 minutes after the inauguration. This is what the Democrats have been doing from moment one, OK?"

"When they were pushing the Russia hoax, my father was renegotiating NAFTA, and he got that done."

Trump also mocked Joe Biden over his inability to deal with small crowds in his campaign trail, adding that the presidential candidate will get steamrolled by his father.

“I mean, I sort of want to have Donald Trump go up against Joe Biden one-on-one for five months,” Trump stated.

“I mean, I see Joe Biden in front of a teleprompter speaking to 20 people. He confuses which state he is in at least 50% of the time.”


trump jr said senators told him biden had committed treason  and   must go to jail for life © press
Trump JR said Senators told him Biden had committed treason, and ' must go to jail for life'

“You know, this is not a one-time anomaly that they would destroy Trump for,” Trump continued.

“This is a recurring theme that’s happening over and over again. So I mean, one-on-one with Trump, you can’t hide the same way. So I’d sort of love to go up against him.”

Last year, Trump Jr. said the Democrats' decision to choose Special Counsel Robert Mueller was a “witch hunt” designed to target his father.

Trump Jr, said:

“They’re trying to, you know, reverse the results of an election that they didn’t agree with, though the American people obviously agreed," he said of Mueller.

On Monday, Trump’s defense team concluded their impeachment arguments stating the Democrats' efforts to remove the president from office was politically motivated and lacked proof.

“At the end of the day, this is an effort to overturn the results of one election and to influence the results of the coming election that begins today in Iowa,” White House counsel Pat Cipollone told senators.

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