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Priest Refuses Communion for Democrats Pushing Pro-Abortion Bill

Rhode Island lawmakers who back Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo's bill will be blocked

 on 4th February 2020 @ 1.00am
the priest said he will refuse communion to democrats behind the bill and lawmakers who sign it © press
The priest said he will refuse Communion to Democrats behind the bill and lawmakers who sign it

A Rhode Island priest has announced he will refuse Holy Communion to Democrats behind a pro-abortion bill along with any state lawmakers who support the legislation.

Rev. Richard Bucci announced he will deny any lawmakers who attempt to receive Communion at the Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick if they back the bill.

The state's Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a bill in 2019 that preserves federal abortion protections in state law.

The law says that Rhode Island will not restrict a woman's right to abortion "prior to fetal viability or afterward if an abortion is necessary for the health or life of the mother," according to U.S. News and World Report.

Rev. Bucci, 72, passed out flyers at his church, publicly identifying all state lawmakers who voted for the pro-abortion bill.

Bucci also stated that these lawmakers will not be able to serve as marriage witnesses, godparents, or lectors at church-sponsored events.

bishop thomas tobin of providence supported the priest  saying he s welcome to do as he sees fit in this regard © press
Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence supported the priest, saying he's welcome to do as he sees fit in this regard

According to the Providence Journal, the flyer said, "In accord with the teaching of the Catholic Church for 2000 years, the following members of the legislature may NOT receive Holy Communion, as are all the officers of the state of Rhode Island, as well as Rhode Island's members of Congress."

"In addition," the missive continued, "they will not be allowed to act as witnesses to marriage, godparents, or lectors at weddings, funerals, or any other church function."

The Roman Catholic Diocese "tacitly condoned" the flyer, according to The Blaze.

In a statement, Bucci said, "If they are proud of what they have done, why do they want to keep it a secret?

"We all hear about responsibility. Let them take responsibility.

"If they think this is a good and wholesome and holy thing ... they should be proud of it, and why should I hide that from my parishioners?"

He continued, "They call me 'Father' so that I may have an influence in their lives, and this is a serious issue of life and death."

last year  rhode island s democratic gov  gina raimondo signed a bill that preserves federal abortion protections in state law © press
Last year, Rhode Island's Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo signed a bill that preserves federal abortion protections in state law

Through his spokesperson, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence acknowledged Bucci's flyers, saying that the priest was welcome to do as he saw fit in this particular regard.

“For every sacrament, the Church provides detailed norms for preparation and reception," the spokesperson said.

"It is the pastor's duty to apply them within his parish, in accord with Church law.

"This includes the proper reception of Holy Communion as outlined by the Code of Canon Law.

"Because the Church entrusts to each pastor the duty of teaching, sanctifying, and governing his parish, the daily pastoral and administrative decisions are made at the local parish level."

As Neon Nettle reported in October, during the Bidens' attendance at a Catholic Church service in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden was denied Holy Communion by the priest because he isn't at "one with God."

While the Biden Family was allowed to attend the Sunday service, Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden was told he was being refused Communion due to his staunch position in favor of abortion.

"Floppy Joe" Biden, who identifies as a Catholic, earlier this year reversed course on his long-held stance to, instead, oppose the Hyde Amendment.

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