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Newt Gingrich Calls for 'Pathological Liar' Schiff's Removal from Intel Committee

Former House speaker blasts 'deranged' Adam Schiff: 'A compulsive, uncontrollable liar'

 on 1st February 2020 @ 1.00am
newt gingrich slammed adam schiff  describing the anti trump democrat as  a compulsive  uncontrollable liar © press
Newt Gingrich slammed Adam Schiff, describing the anti-Trump Democrat as 'a compulsive, uncontrollable liar'

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich has blasted Rep. Adam Schiff as "deranged" and a "pathological liar," while calling for the anti-Trump Democrat to be removed from his role as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Gingrich slammed Schiff during an interview on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday.

Speaking to Laura Ingraham, Gingrich said that Democratic California Rep. Schiff is “a compulsive, uncontrollable liar” who is less credible than the Steele dossier.

The cited dossier is the discredited document compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele that salaciously alleges wrongdoing by President Donald Trump and his 2016 election campaign team.

Gingrich was responding to the false President Trump conversation that Schiff fabricated during the Senate impeachment trial on Thursday.

Pretending to recite it like it was a real conversation, impeachment manager Schiff imagined Trump speaking with Russian President Vladimir Putin, promising Russia that he will stop sending US aid to Ukraine in exchange for intelligence on Burisma - Hunter Biden's corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company.

newt gingrich says adam schiff should be stripped of his role as house intelligence committee chairman © press
Newt Gingrich says Adam Schiff should be stripped of his role as House Intelligence Committee chairman

In response to the fabricated conversation, Gingrich said Schiff has lost his grip on reality.

“I think it's also a comment on Schiff," he explained when asked if Democrats are "just making stuff up" on Trump because they have nothing.

"Schiff, personally, is obviously a deranged human being.

"This is about Schiff. Schiff is a guy who is a pathological liar.”

“He seems to have no ability to distinguish between the truth and falsehood.

"He lied for two and a half years about the Russian collusion.

“It all disintegrated. He looked like a fool. He learned nothing.

"He came back in lied again and again.”

“Here we are at the end of the cycle, he goes back, and the guy is still lying again.”

“I think somehow, people have to decide that Adam Schiff is a compulsive, uncontrollable liar,” said Gingrich.

Newt then argued that Schiff should be removed as chairman because “a healthy House would strip him of the intelligence committee.

"How can you expect the president and the CIA and others to share secrets with a person who is this profoundly, publicly dishonest?”

Gingrich also questioned what Democrats may do after their impeachment campaign fails:

“The burden is going to be on the Democrats, having done everything they could for three years to destroy President Trump, and having failed: do they continue for the next eight or 10 months to try and investigate, attack, smear, whatever?”

"Or, do they say; 'let’s get a couple of things done before the election, to prove that we are a party that can be positive?'”

newt gingrich said democrat rep  adam schiff is  a compulsive  uncontrollable liar  who is less credible than the steele dossier © press
Newt Gingrich said Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is 'a compulsive, uncontrollable liar' who is less credible than the Steele dossier

Gingrich said it's highly likely that Trump will be acquitted in his Senate trial.

He says it is now, therefore, up to the Democratic leadership to decide whether “they want to work with this president for the rest of the year …

"Or do they want to continue this kind of unending hostility?”

Gingrich said the country “very tired” of the chronic hostility in Washington and America “really doesn’t want to see more bickering."

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