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Joe Biden Snaps, Lays Hand on Voter: ‘Go Vote for Someone Else’ - WATCH

2020 Democrat gets aggressive with man who says he plans on voting for him in November

 on 29th January 2020 @ 3.00pm
joe biden flipped and told a voter to  vote for someone else  when they asked him a question © press
Joe Biden flipped and told a voter to 'vote for someone else' when they asked him a question

Former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at a voter in Iowa Tuesday, before laying a hand on the man and telling him to "go vote for someone else."

The Democratic presidential hopeful was asked by the man - who declared that he plans to for Biden in November if he wins the nomination - how his plans for energy infrastructure align with his environmental policies.

“I’m going to support you if you win the nomination because we got to get rid of Trump but what are we going to do about climate change?” the Dem voter asked Biden.

“Now, you say you are against pipelines, but then you want to replace these gas lines, that’s not going to work,” the man added.

“No, no, no,” Biden responded as the man continued saying: “We gotta stop building and replacing pipelines.”

Biden appeared to take offense at the question, putting his hand on the voter’s chest and gently pushing him away, while telling the man: “Go vote for someone else.”

joe biden placed his hand on the man s chest and gently pushed him  saying   go vote for someone else © press
Joe Biden placed his hand on the man's chest and gently pushed him, saying: 'Go vote for someone else'

The man appeared to express shock with his facial gestures over Biden's response.

Ex-VP Biden then pointed his finger into the stunned man's chest, declaring: “You’re not going to vote for me in the primary."

“I’m going to vote for you in the general if you treat me right,” the man responded.

“Yeah, I know,” Biden responded, before adding: “Well, I’m not,” presumably saying he won't "treat" the man "right."

Biden then continued to get confrontational with the man for several moments after the initial meeting.

In an awkward moment in the encounter, the voter said he actually supported Democrat presidential candidate Tom Steyer but will back Biden if he wins the nomination.

After the clip went viral, Steyer responded to Biden’s actions and comments.

“Hi @JoeBiden, This is no way to treat an Iowan," Steyer tweeted.

"He said he’d vote for the Dem in the general b/c he knows how important it is to beat Trump.

"We need immediate action on climate. If you don’t agree, happy to talk @ debate.

"But don’t take it out on voters we need to win in Nov.”

This isn't the first time Joe Biden has flipped when asked about his policies.

On the campaign trail in August, Biden was filmed venting his frustration toward an Iowa college student after she asked him a question about gender.

in a similar encounter  joe biden also grabbed the arm of a student who asked him about gender in august © press
In a similar encounter, Joe Biden also grabbed the arm of a student who asked him about gender in August

As Neon Nettle reported at the time, Biden was approached by a field staffer for Turning Point USA, who asked him, "How many genders are there?"

"Pardon me?" Biden replied before he was asked the question again.

"There are at least three," he responded.

The student then asked him, "What are they?"

Seemingly frustrated, Biden quipped "Don't play games with me kid," before reaching out and physically grabbing her arm and saying, "By the way, the first to come out for marriage was me."

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