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Asylum Seeker Pedophile Gang Covered Up By British Police

Scottish police kept 55 members of child rape grooming gang secret despite 44+ victims

 on 29th January 2020 @ 12.00pm
british police kept a 55 member asylum seeker pedophile gang a secret © press
British police kept a 55 member asylum seeker pedophile gang a secret

British police covered up a pedophile grooming gang in Scotland, despite the members, made up of 55 asylum seekers, having victimized at least 44 minors.

Police in Glasgow shut down the child rape gang whose members were all either “asylum seekers or naturalized asylum seekers.”

Yet, despite successfully stopping the mob of rapists, police kept the bust a secret, choosing instead to keep the existence of the group, along with the operation to shut them down, hidden from the public.

The police operation to take down the gang took place in 2016, but it's only now becoming public knowledge following a report by The Scottish Sun. 

The Sun obtained a briefing document from Police Scotland that reveals the members of the gang were from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Kurdistan, Morocco, and Turkey.

Among the 44 victims of the gang, police identified a core group of six children who were all known to each other and were repeatedly raped by several of the men.

detective inspector sarah taylor found that only 14 of the suspects had been deported © press
Detective Inspector Sarah Taylor found that only 14 of the suspects had been deported

report conducted by Detective Inspector Sarah Taylor from the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit found that of the suspects, only 14 had been deported, with 22 remaining in Glasgow.

A further eight were believed to be still living in the United Kingdom, with just one in prison and one further individual pending deportation, according to Breitbart.

The report details the scale at which the grooming gang operated, with one victim believed to have been abused by 28 different members of the group, and another being linked to 23 men within the gang.

Under the heading "Victims," the report states: "Girl 1 - 28 suspects, Girl 2 - 23 suspects, Girl 3 - 9 suspects, Girl 4 - 8 suspects, Girl 5 - 4 suspects, Girl 6 - 1 suspect.

"All are known to one another. 20 other named girls believed to be victims.

"A further 18 girls were identified through the course of the current investigation."

As to why the investigation into the grooming gang was hidden from the public, a police source told the newspaper: “We need to be very clear that we always carefully consider when and what information to release in relation to ongoing investigations to protect vulnerable victims and the integrity of the inquiry.”

DI Taylor claimed that the police used “all investigative opportunities to pursue all known offenders including involvement in current criminality.”

pedophile gangs target poorer white children in glasgow © press
Pedophile gangs target poorer white children in Glasgow

Previous reports have detailed the scourge of child rape gangs reaching Glasgow, where pedophiles target poorer, white children.

A relative of a grooming victim said at the time that the situation is “really is just our worst nightmare, it’s this Rochdale and Rotherham-type stuff but it’s happening here in Glasgow in a big way.”

“Nobody seems to be doing anything to stop it, all the girls have been made to believe these men are their boyfriends,” they lamented.

“It’s white females they are hitting on, aged 14 to 19,” he concluded.

As Neon Nettle reported earlier this month, a damning new report revealed that Asian child abuse gangs were left to roam free by police forces in Manchester and Rotherhamover fears that investigating them would "stoke racial tensions."

One whistleblowing detective says police chiefs should be charged after the report revealed they left 97 men free to groom, rape, and abuse 57 young girls by dropping investigations into Asian grooming gangs over "racism fears."

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