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Rob Reiner: Adam Schiff Has Exposed Trump as 'Putin’s Useful Idiot'

Far-left Hollywood director praises lead Democrat impeachment 'manager'

 on 25th January 2020 @ 6.00pm
rob reiner says adam schiff has proved that  trump is putin s useful idiot © press
Rob Reiner says Adam Schiff has proved that 'Trump is Putin's useful idiot'

Far-left Hollywood director Rob Reiner has blasted his president, declaring that impeachment "manager" Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has exposed Donald Trump as "Putin's useful idiot."

After three days of railing from radical Democrats about Trump during the Senate’s impeachment proceedings, Reiner squealed on Twitter that Schiff has made an "airtight argument" that proves the president has been working on behalf of Russia.

“Adam Schiff has made the airtight argument that Donald Trump is Putin’s Useful Idiot,” Reiner gassed on Friday.

“And unless Republican Senators, who all know it’s true, vote to remove the Useful Idiot, the country we love, and Democracy itself will be devoured by Autocracy.”

Reiner praised House Intelligence Chairman Schiff for his part in the Senate’s proceedings this week but failed to cite the so-called "airtight argument" or the exposé that he was referring to.

adam schiff is the lead impeachment manager for the democrats anti trump campaign © press
Adam Schiff is the lead impeachment manager for the Democrats anti-Trump campaign

As is his practice in recent years, Rob Reiner has used his Twitter account to vent his wildly radical political ideas.

And no more so than during the Democrats' impeachment obsession.

As Neon Nettle rorted last week, Reiner attacked Senate Republicans for supporting "Criminally Corrupt" Trump, claiming they must be suffering from "collective brain damage."

Anti-Trump Reiner lashed out at Republican senators considering acquitting the president during the impeachment trial.

During a Tuesday Twitter rant, the actor and director, who is a vocal critic of President Trump and his administration, lambast members of the Senate who plan to acquit Trump over the unfounded Ukraine allegations.

“Republican Senators will have to contract a case of collective brain damage to acquit this President,” he wrote.

"Each day produces more evidence of unquestionable guilt," Reiner claimed.

“The most Criminally Corrupt President in our Nation’s history is starting to hear the dulcet tones of a Fat Lady,” Reiner concluded in his tweet.

Earlier in the day, the Hollywood liberal had gone on a similar, unhinged rant.

Reiner wrote a harsh rebuke of the president and asserted his guilt in a fiery tweet that read“This Pathological Liar can scream 'HOAX' & 'WITCH HUNT' all he wants.

"It doesn’t alter the facts. He committed Federal Crimes.

"He withheld military aid to extort a foreign country to cheat in the 2020 election.

"He Obstructed Congress. He disgraces US.”

rob reiner is frequently overcome with trump derangement syndrome © press
Rob Reiner is frequently overcome with Trump Derangement Syndrome

On Tuesday, Reiner joined other far-left members of the entertainment industry to bash Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R, KY).

Reiner accused McConnell of engaging in a “cover-up” of President Trump’s alleged actions that lie at the center of the left’s impeachment accusations.

Among other celebrities, Reiner exclaimed that Republican Senators cannot “allow” further witnesses to be heard because “Witnesses = Trump is done.”

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