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Jeff Sessions: Dems' Impeachment Effort a 'Political Attack Ad' Funded By Taxpayers

Former AG says 'It's ... an embarrassment to the House'

 on 22nd January 2020 @ 6.00pm
jeff sessions aid the democrats  are presiding over a  fishing expedition © press
Jeff Sessions aid the Democrats' are presiding over a 'fishing expedition'

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions slammed the Democrats' impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump, calling it 'taxpayer-funded campaign ad.'

Sessions, who is seeking to retake his former U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, said the Democrats are presiding over a "fishing expedition" and abusing the impeachment process.

Speaking on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Sessions said:

"It's ... an embarrassment to the House."

"They want to continue this paid political attack ad -- paid for by the taxpayers -- for untold weeks," Sessions added.

"They could have fought for this evidence in the House, [and] ask for the courts to complete a hearing as to whether or not these witnesses should be compelled or not."

sessions stated that rather than performing due diligence in the house  democrats handed the senate an  unsubstantiated  case for impeachment © press
Sessions stated that rather than performing due diligence in the House, Democrats handed the Senate an 'unsubstantiated' case for impeachment

Sessions stated that rather than performing due diligence in the House of Representatives and calling "key" witnesses like former National Security Adviser John Bolton, Democrats handed the Senate an "unsubstantiated" case for impeaching President Trump.

"Now they want the Senate to go on a fishing expedition," added Sessions.

The former AG said that if they want to vote on whether to call additional witnesses, the vote should happen following the House "impeachment managers" opening arguments, and the Trump team offers their defense.

Last year, Neon Nettle reported that House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerry Nadler, was laying the groundwork to undermine the legitimacy of President Donald Trump's re-election in 2020, if or when impeachment fails.

Nadler contested that Trump's re-election may not be "fair" in an interview with NBC host Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press."

last year jerry nadler argued that trump s re election may not be  fair  if he is acquitted © press
Last year Jerry Nadler argued that Trump's re-election may not be 'fair' if he is acquitted

The Democrat said if the House votes to impeach Trump, but the Republican-controlled Senate acquits him, resulting in Trump not being removed from office, it wouldn't be a fair election.

"Let me ask you this. If he's acquitted, do you believe we'll have a fair election in 2020?" Todd asked.

"I don't know. The president, based on his past performance, will do everything he can to make it not a fair election," Nadler said.

"And that is part of what gives us the urgency to proceed with this impeachment," Nadler responded.

That "urgency" Nadler spoke of at the time has seemingly forced the Democrats to play their hand too early.

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that impeachment “is only a grand jury presentment” and “disappears” after acquittal, just like an indictment does if someone is acquitted at trial.

The law professor added that if impeachment were permanent, it would mean the House proceedings would require “full due process. You need an adversarial system.”

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