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Boris Johnson Plans to Bring EU Migrant Crackdown 'Forward By Two Years'

Report reveals immigration clampdown will start 1 day after Brexit transition period ends

 on 20th January 2020 @ 12.00pm
boris johnson is reportedly planning to move his migrant crackdown  forward by two years © press
Boris Johnson is reportedly planning to move his migrant crackdown 'forward by two years'

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to introduce measures to crack down on EU immigration far sooner than expected, according to reports.

PM Johnson is reportedly preparing to bring his European Union migrant clampdown plan "forward by two years."

The move will likely trigger a showdown after sources revealed a new bid to clamp down on foreign immigrants moving to the country once Britain leaves the EU.

According to a report in the Sunday Telegraph, the UK government is planning to introduce the new immigration laws one day after the Brexit transition period ends in 2021.

The restrictions will limit the number of people coming in and out of the country from the EU, starting January 1 next year.

The government seeks to cut down on the flow of low-skilled workers who take up residence in the UK.

the plan will limit the number of low skilled eu migrants moving to the uk © press
The plan will limit the number of low-skilled EU migrants moving to the UK

Mr. Johnson has promised that his government will introduce a points-based system, similar to the one used in Australia.

But business group the CBI have previously warned that companies would need "at least two years to adapt to any new immigration system."

Under Theresa May they had secured a delay which would have kept Britain in the current arrangements for at least two years after Brexit, extending the system to 2023.

An update on the policy is expected after a report from the Government's Migration Advisory Committee, which is due before the end of January.

A Downing Street source reportedly told the Sunday Telegraph: "We need to deliver change and businesses need to be prepared for uncontrolled migration of low-skilled workers to end this year.

"As we leave the EU in just over 10 days' time, we have an unprecedented opportunity to change the way our immigration system works.

"There is a clear drive for talented and skilled workers from around the world to come to the UK, but we also need to see a reduction in the number of unskilled workers and those without a job entering the UK and that's why this will be coming to an end when the transition period ends in December."

the plan will reportedly come into action one day after the brexit transition period ends © press
The plan will reportedly come into action one day after the Brexit transition period ends

During the election campaign, Johnson revealed that the scheme would include preventing lower-skilled workers from moving to the UK.

Exceptions would only be made if there is a "specific shortage" of staff in their sector, such as construction.

Those who arrive will only be able to stay in the UK temporarily.

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