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Trump's Travel Ban Ruled Constitutional, Liberal Hollywood 'Explodes'

Celebrities have even threatened to overthrow Trump

 on 28th June 2018 @ 11.00pm
some of the celebrities have even threatened to overthrow trump © press
Some of the celebrities have even threatened to overthrow Trump

Liberal Hollywood stars come out in their droves on Twitter to express their disgust with Supreme Court’s ruling declaring President Donald Trump's travel ban is “perfectly constitutional."

Some of the celebrities have even threatened to overthrow Trump - another display of how the left has become increasing 'unhinged'

“Looks like the USA as we know it is over,” actress Bette Midler tweeted.

Other celebrities like Rob Reiner, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, along with actress Debra Messing demanded the Trump administration be overthrown.

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According to Breitbart: “With today’s Supreme Court ruling the slippery slope just got a whole lot more slippery,” Reiner wrote on Twitter.

“If we don’t want 242 years of self-rule to slip into fascism, we’ll need the blue wave to overcome gerrymandering, Russian meddling & complicit media propaganda. Fight for Democracy! VOTE!!!”

“The protesting of the SCOTUS decision is admirable,” MacFarlane argued.

“I only wish the same passion was evident at the polls last November when we were electing the President who would appoint the next Justice (Merrick Garland debacle notwithstanding).

Let us hope the turnout is better this fall.”

“The Supreme Court upholds the travel ban. This is devastating. This is happening because @SenateMajLdr stole a Supreme Court Justice. REMEMBER THIS in November. Voting is our best defense. Please #VOTE #today,” Messing said.

President Trump was elated at the travel ban decision, saying in a statement, “Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a tremendous victory for the American People and the Constitution.

The Supreme Court has upheld the clear authority of the President to defend the national security of the United States.”

“The ruling shows that all of the attacks from the media and the Democrat politicians are wrong, and they turned out to be very wrong,” the president said of the Trump v. Hawaii ruling.

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