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The Killing$ Of Tony Blair - The Film That Will Open Your Eyes

Film review

 on 27th July 2016 @ 2.56pm
tony blair was responsible for the near killing of the labour party  the killing of iraq © press
Tony Blair was responsible for the near killing of the Labour Party, the killing of Iraq


Tony Blair was responsible for the near killing of the Labour Party, the killing of Iraq and the huge killing that was made after his role as prime minister of the United Kingdom. 

George Galloway’s introduction of the documentary film about the former British leader at the helm of the country between 1997 and 2007 makes no bones about it. Galloway holds in high contempt not only the most noted aberrations of his leadership, namely leading us into the Iraq war, he holds in contempt everything he did before that and also what came afterward.

Using archived footage, animation and illustrations from award-winning political cartoonist Steve Bell, George Galloway narrate us through key highlights of Blair’s political career. Where the high points of his interventionist approach such as Kosovo, saw him as a messianic hero, saving nations from impending conflict and dictatorship, Galloway also reveals his messianic pursuit of personal glory and financial reward.

He reminds us of the political leverage he used to gain endorsement from one of the world’s biggest media moguls and his shady deals and corrupt undertakings that saw court suits against BAE and other corporations.

He subsequently used the vast contact book of a former premier, to formulate a multi-million-pound business enterprise, Tony Blair Inc, making six figures on the public speaking circuit, enjoying a huge property portfolio and connecting people amongst a world of dictators, torturers and murderers, those he purported to condemn during his premiership.

And to ensure he delivers a massive F**k you to all those he disaffected after his invasion into Iraq and ineffective strategies in the Middle East peace process, his appointment as Middle East Peace Envoy was the perfect piece of satire to a contemptible political career.

Galloway is joined by other notables and former officials offering personal insights into the man that has arguably tainted the political office of the British prime minister as well as the Labour Party on the international field. Commentators such as Lauren Booth, Stephen Fry, Peter Oborne and others, with contempt, informs and helps shape the narrative that sews together the stitches that have brought Blair to where he is today.

In a period when, arguably, the nation’s politicians have never looked worse amidst the chaos of the post-referendum meltdown, the subsequent disarray within the major parties and the findings of the Chilcot Report, THE KILLING$ OF TONY BLAIR is a timely and thought-provoking exposé on the corruption of the UK’s political elite.

The film releases on Wednesday 27 July 2016  in cinemas nationwide starting with screening and Q&A with the filmmaker, George Galloway, co-hosted by Keith Allen.

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