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10 Extremely Rare And Fascinating Images Of Nikola Tesla

Rare photographs show Tesla over 100 years ago

 on 30th December 2016 @ 9.30pm
10 extremely rare and fascinating images of nikola tesla

Nikola Tesla is regarded by some as one of the world's greatest scientists, inventors, and researchers that ever lived, yet in the minds of many, he is vastly unappreciated.

Tesla worked tirelessly to fulfill his dream of creating a world of free and unlimited energy for everyone, but sadly a lot of his ideas were sabotaged and many of his patents and inventions were kept hidden from the rest of society.

Despite around 90 percent of Tesla's inventions, or elements of them, being used in products today, sadly, you won't always find his name in the history books due to an elite conspiracy to suppress his ideas for free energy that would've destroyed the lucrative energy industry we have today.

To show our respect to one of the world's truly great minds, we've put together a collection of rare and fascinating images of Tesla to see how the original mad scientist lived and worked over 100 years ago.

Tesla's Lab

tesla s lab © press

This image shows Tesla behind the door of his laboratory in Colorado Springs in 1899.

Tesla's Transmitter

tesla s transmitter © press

A great image of Nikola Tesla sat next to his Transmitter which was capable of transmitting millions of volts of electricity over large distances without the need for wires. This photo was taken in his Colorado Springs lab in 1899.

High Voltage and High Frequency

high voltage and high frequency © press

Tesla demonstrating his experiments with high voltage and high frequency in 1899.

Glowing Nitrogen

glowing nitrogen © press

Tesla sits in front of his generator in 1899 as the large glow of nitrogen fills the room.

Examining His Inventions

examining his inventions © press

Tesla examining one of his own inventions in 1916.

Tesla At The Office

tesla at the office © press

A great photograph of Tesla in his office at 8 West 40th Street in 1916.

Ahead Of His Time

ahead of his time © press

Tesla demonstrates his gas-filled phosphor coated light bulb in the 1890's, over half a century before fluorescent lamps came into use, proving that he was way ahead of his time.

Tesla Reading

tesla reading © press

Tesla reading whilst sitting in front of the spiral coil of his high voltage transformer.

Tesla Testing Wireless Energy

tesla testing wireless energy © press

In this image, taken in 1898, Tesla is testing his electricity generator by walking away from it with a bulb in his hand that remains to glow as he moves away.

Wireless Electricity

wireless electricity © press

Nikola Tesla during a demonstration of a wireless electricity transmission in Houston Street laboratory in March 1899.

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