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Revealed: List Of Celebrity Donald Trump Supporters

Donald Trumps charisma is reaching the celebs

 on 13th July 2016 @ 3.25pm
revealed  list of celebrity donald trump supporters

Donald Trump has probably divided more people in America than any other president in the history of US politics. One one side you have people calling him a racist facist, on the other you have people who consider him to be the coming saviour of their country.

One thing is obvious though, Trump has charisma and celebrities are also being pulled in by his magnetic force! Below is newly revealed list of celebrities who support Donald Trump - not all of them would want you to know they support him though.

Below is the list according to Trueactivist

Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen © press

So maybe this doesn’t come as a huge surprise, considering how unpredictable and volatile the star has become, but Sheen appears to support Trump these days. At first he tweeted insults about Trump, calling him “idiotic,” but just one month later he tweeted that he would be happy to be the billionaire’s running mate in the coming general election.

Hulk Hogan

hulk hogan © press

Hogan’s support of Trump is similar to Sheen’s in that he has said he would also like to be added to the ticket and run with the Republican candidate. Though he says he wouldn’t enter the ring with any of the candidates, he likely will never be the Vice President, no matter how crazy Trump is. You may remember that last year, WWE cut all ties with Hogan after an audio recording was released of him going on a racial tirade, making his political choice understandable.

John Voight

john voight © press

This actor, best known for his roles in action films, says he supports Trump because of his honesty. He believes that Trump will indeed make America great again because he appears to be straightforward, although his honesty and the alleged greatness of America are both up for debate.

Dennis Rodman

dennis rodman © press

Rodman says he is great friends with Trump and believes that America needs a businessman rather than a politician to run this country. His judge of character clearly isn’t up to par though because he’s the same celeb who has admitted to being friends with Kim Jong Un, the communist leader of North Korea.

Mike Tyson

mike tyson © press

Mike Tyson hasn’t given any reason for his support of Trump but he has stated that he believes that he should be President. He has said that Trump’s comments are crude and his messages should be delivered better, which we can’t argue with.

Wayne Newton

wayne newton © press

The Las Vegas crooner and plastic surgery victim has gone on Fox and Friends to give his support to Donald. He says that Trump is an excellent candidate for president, citing his honesty and the fact that he has his own plane, so he’s not doing it for Air Force One. We’re not exactly sure that anyone runs for president with the goal of getting a private plane, but that’s how Wayne Newton sees it.

Willie Robertson

willie robertson © press

Willie Robertson, like Wayne Newton, also has bizarre reasons for supporting Trump. Willie says that he really likes Donald because they are very similar. Both have successful businesses, popular television shows, and hot wives (who are in it for the money). Apparently having a reality TV show is now a requirement for all future presidents, according to Willie.

Stephen Baldwin

stephen baldwin © press

Stephen Baldwin, who was personally fired by Trump, has decided that he would make the best president because he doesn’t care what anybody thinks and isn’t a normal politician. Though this might be true of Trump, it does, however, matter what other countries think of Trump.

Gary Busey

gary busey © press

Gary Busey, known for his acting long ago, endorsed Trump by saying that he knows him both personally and professionally. He stated that Trump is a good guy, sharp, fast and we’re just hoping that no one really thinks Busey’s vague points are valid enough to vote for Trump.

Tila Tequila

tila tequila © press

Tila Tequila says she’s behind Trump because he’s an anti-vaxxer like herself. Tequila has been outspoken against vaccines for some time now and Trump himself has said that he’s against vaccines as well. This in itself is reason enough for the star to trust Trump with the fate of America.

Ted Nugent

ted nugent © press

Ted Nugent says that Donald Trump is the best candidate to represent and help hardworking American families. Trump’s bold, brazen, and unapologetic stances are the reason Nugent is supportive of the Republican candidate, although for a diplomat these might not be the best traits.

Loretta Lynn

loretta lynn © press

This country singer phrased her support for Trump in a very odd way; more specifically, when asked about why she was voting for Trump, she said, “He sold me.” We know that this means that he sold her his ideas and beliefs and she bought them, all metaphorically, but it’s still an odd way to put it. Lynn thinks that Trump is the only one who can turn this country around. With all the violence he has incited and supported amongst American citizens, it does appear that he is turning the country around and bringing America back to its racist roots… Not exactly promising.

Kid Rock

kid rock © press

Kid Rock seems a little more reasonable in his support for Trump, stating that he finds his campaign very entertaining and does see Trump’s points. He has said that we should allow Trump to run America like a business, to which we would reply that it already is.

Mark Cuban

mark cuban © press

This businessman and investor believes that Trump’s brains and pragmatism will make him a great president and insists that he won’t follow his extreme conservatism into his actual presidency. Cuban even offered to be his VP if the billionaire promised to listen to everything Cuban says. How selfless of him.

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