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11 Times The Official 9/11 Story Jumped The Shark

Gaping Pot Holes In The Biggest Cover Up Of All Time

 on 11th September 2015 @ 10.32am
11 times the official  9 11 story jumped the shark

As the anniversary of the 911 terror attacks rolls around again, here’s our pick of the 11 weirdest leaps of faith you’ll need to be a good sheeple for another 12 months.

The Magic Passport

the magic passport © press

How did a simple passport in the pocket of a suicide pilot manage to survive a fireball and the collapse of a building?

The ferocious impact of a passenger jet laden with fuel vaporised both metal and bone, before thousands of tonnes of concrete and steel collapsed on top of it.Luckily for the Bush administration, the paper passport belonging to one of the alleged hijackers was handed in to detectives by a mysterious stranger, who found it lying in the road.

The anonymous Good Samaritan that found the document quietly slipped away without giving officers his name.

Debunkers are quick to point out that fragments of the aircraft were supposedly identified outside the WTC, and some items of correspondence from WTC offices did end up floating about in the street after the impact. Even so, the mystery of the indestructible passport and its mysterious journey into the hands of a business-suited stranger remains one of the enduring mysteries of 9/11.

Hijackers – Dead Or Alive?

hijackers     dead or alive © press

There aren’t many perks to being a suicide bomber, unless you believe in heavenly virgins.

But one definite advantage to being vaporised in a horrific fireball is that you don’t have to worry about the FBI catching up with you. There’s absolutely no need to keep your identity a secret after the event. In fact you’re now some kind of twisted hero, so why not make a meal of it?

Logically, you might expect the organisation responsible to make a big deal out of the martyrdom of their skyjackers, and for the FBI to already be familiar with these dangerous radicals. But from schoolboy errors over common Arabic names to basic mistaken identity, the Feds couldn’t seem to make up their minds exactly who was on the aircraft. Could they not just look at the flight manifests?

The Government withheld the official flight manifests for years, which appeared to show the names of the hijackers as passengers on the aircraft. The needless confusion surrounding the identities of the 19-strong suicide squad, including the identification of a man already long dead before the attacks, have given rise to many theories that at least some of these people were never actually on the aircraft at the moment of impact.

Will The Real Warmongers Please Stand Up?

will the real warmongers please stand up © press

The phrase ‘Act Of War’ is a political rather than legal phrase. Why were the U.S. government and press so keen to bring the ‘W’ word into proceedings so early, and did this affect the way that the investigation was handled?

One of the enduring mysteries of 9/11 is that normal procedures, such as interviewing relatives of a major suspect like Osama Bin Laden before allowing them to leave the country, were in some cases not followed. This isn’t rocket surgery, it’s domestic crime 101.

But instead of being treated like a crime, the goal posts were immediately and not-so-subtly shifted in favour of viewing the attacks as an act of war. 

Although the government and press were quick to identify Al Qaeda as the perpetrators, cementing the attack in public imagination as a bald declaration of war on the USA, things weren’t quite so straight forwards. 

Bin Laden denied any involvement in one of the most talked about and televised terror attacks in history. The FBI couldn’t even get suspect’s names right. But it was obviously Al Qaeda, right?

Stock Market Suspicion

stock market suspicion © press

The wealth of New York City and the country as a whole depends heavily on the stock markets and these are closely monitored by insurance companies and the FBI for insider trading and fraud.

In the days before the attacks, highly suspicious insider trading was used by certain individuals to make large profits following the attacks.

Share options that allow investors to profit if stock value in a company declines were cynically purchased from American Airlines and United Airlines, as well as several major insurance companies facing crippling payouts. The ratio was 25 times the average less than a week before the attacks, with no obvious reason for the anomaly at the time.

The day before the attacks, there were huge purchases of stocks in companies that supplied the military. A missile company saw purchases increase sixfold the day before the attacks, and of course the investors received huge profits following the increased business.

Despite the apparently incredible good fortune of a handful of investors, apparently armed with nothing more than a lucky hunch, it’s no wonder that financial regulators took only 2 weeks to announce that there was no hard evidence pointing to a criminal Conspiracy to profit from the 9/11 attacks.

The Disappearing Doctor

the disappearing doctor © press

From magical money trees to vanishing victims. Another anomaly in our list of Perfectly Normal, Nothing-To-See occurrences surrounding the attacks involves the disappearance of a member of the public that was apparently not even at the twin towers at the time of the attacks.

Doctor Sneha Anne Phillip’s name appears on the memorial to the victims of the atrocity, but her remains have never been found and she is believed to have disappeared the night before the WTC attack.

She was last seen on September 10th buying fashion items from a store close to the towers, near to where she lived with her husband. Unlike many of the victims of the New York attack, it is unclear whether Sneha was present at the site of the attack.

Although her husband theorized that Sneha had entered the WTC to help the injured and was killed in the collapse of the building, it has been alleged that the attractive doctor led a salacious double life and was often found drinking in bars with seedy characters. Were the events of 9/11 used to cover up an abduction or murder, or was she, as some believe, a witness to some suspicious event that led to her assassination?

Don’t Mention Building 7!

don   t mention building 7 © press

Sometimes called “The smoking gun of 9/11”, the confusion and anomalies surrounding the total collapse of Building 7 have long been the target of debunkers from both sides of the argument. 

Although some of the theories surrounding its collapse have been effectively debunked, other riddles remain. The Commission Report, formally named Final Report of the National Commission on terrorist attacks Upon the United States, barely mentions the building’s puzzling collapse. 

Where Were The Jets?

where were the jets © press

It might be reasonable to assume that NORAD’s clunky, 1970’s alert system for marauding.

Hijacked airplanes (no automatic alarms and civilian air traffic control have to telephone NORAD to alert them) is at fault for the visible lack of jets following the stolen aircraft.

But the real mystery is why the FBI and the Government seemed to have no idea of the type of attack that might take place & the response that would need from the military or the approximate date that it was likely to happen. It’s difficult to believe that the FBI knew nothing of plans to hijack domestic aircraft.

Nothing To See Here

nothing to see here © press

Claims that the aircraft that hit the Pentagon left a hole several feet smaller in diameter than the actual craft sound crazy – but have been proved to be true. The official explanation is that the wings fell off the craft before it smashed through the wall.

The landing gear, rather the entire jet is believed to have made the smaller hole in the Pentagon’s Ring C.

After the aircraft smashed into the concrete wall, it would have entered the building in a state closer to a liquid than to a solid mass.

All of it that is, apart from one very distinctive and relatively undamaged piece of the hull of the jet, conveniently lying on the Pentagon lawn. The photograph of this piece of debris appears to confirm that it was indeed an American Airlines 757 jet that smashed into the Pentagon.

The Sceptical Witness And The Stopped Clocks

the sceptical witness and the stopped clocks © press

The Pentagon employee April Gallop, who pulled her 10-month-old baby out of the rubble of the crash, failed to notice any evidence of a huge aircraft in the building. She maintains the claims that she made under oath – that there was no ‘Plane, the explosion came from inside the building, and that ‘something’ that wasn’t an aircraft struck the outside of the building. Stranger still, April’s watch stopped at 9.30 am due to damage, while other clocks that allegedly stopped in a similar fashion that morning are 8 whole minutes out of synch with Ms. Gallop’s damaged watch.

It Wasn’t Me

it wasn   t me © press

Osama Bin Laden initially denied any involvement in the terror attacks, but later changed his tune and admitted responsibility, in what some believe was an opportunistic move.

He  was never formally charged.  When he appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted list post 9/11, it was for the 1998 Embassy bombings. In addition to the initial denial of responsibility (not the usual M.O. for a terrorist organisation), FBI Director Robert Mueller revealed that his organisation had not recovered one single document in either the US or Afghanistan that mentioned any aspect of the plot.

Bin Laden eventually appeared to confess to the plot in dribs and drabs, beginning with a letter purported to be written by him, and continuing to 2008, where he defends convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui and again claims responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. The attacks were designed to be terrifying, televised, and spectacular. 19 men were apparently prepared to die to carry them out. So why was Bin Laden so reluctant to claim responsibility?

The Mystery Of The Missing Black Boxes

the mystery of the missing black boxes © press

Both the aircraft involved in the attack on New York would have contained a flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, contained in an almost indestructible case known as a ‘Black Box’.

The 9/11 Commission Report states clearly that neither Black Box was found. But in 2006 the National Security Archive published reports that included information taken from the flight data recorder of both Flight 77 and Flight 93.  This was after claiming that most of the data recorded by both black boxes was so corrupt as to be useless.

There are strict regulations on the construction of FDRs, and they generally survive any impact that may kill everyone on board and shred the aircraft into shrapnel. The regulations don’t extend to having them disappear and reappear whenever it’s convenient for the powers that be, and rumors that they are made from the same materials as a terrorist’s passport remain unconfirmed. 

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