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11 Ways The Digital World Is Robbing You Of Sleep & How To Get It Back

Realistic ways to tackle digital insomnia

 on 14th December 2016 @ 9.04pm
11 ways the digital world is robbing you of sleep   how to get it back

We now live in a world of unrelenting bright Technology, a world of ipads, iPhones and Google, all of which is in your face 24 hours a day. The internet and smart devices have brought us more solutions, created new business, enabled us to work from home and of course connected us...'digitally' that is.

In the real world, our bodies are craving human contact, less wifi, less useless information and more sunlight. Then there is sleep. Our brains are so wired by the constant buzz of information we are finding it harder and harder to gain a proper nights sleep, we take our iPhones and our ipads to bed, we allow things like emails and messages to be the last thing we see, our bodies really do need a break.

Neon Nettle spoke to Phuket Cleanse, a highly regarded detox retreat based in Thailand, who has come up with some effective ways to gain a great nights sleep so you feel fully energised the next day.

Wifi and mobile devices

wifi and mobile devices © press

Turn off all cellular devices and Wi fi. Wi fi and cell phones continually wake you up preventing you from going into the deepest stages of sleep.


lighting © press

Make sure evening lights are amber as other colours or bright lights prevent your sleep hormone, melatonin from rising to the right levels to keep you asleep all night.

Food & Alcohol

food   alcohol © press

Eat a low carb dinner. Carbs keep your cortisol high at night as does alcohol.


exercise © press

Get your workouts out of the way by sunset if possible so your cortisol (wake up hormone) is not too high at night.


 magnesium © press

Supplement with magnesium, as low magnesium levels is the cause of many people’s sleep issues.

Vitamin D Supplement or actual Sunlight

vitamin d supplement or actual sunlight © press

Keep your vitamin D levels high through sun or supplementation.

Apps to aid sleeping

apps to aid sleeping © press

Ok this may have contradicted the first tip but if you really must take your iPhone or iPad to bed, why not download an app to aid your sleep?


journaling © press

Do some journaling in the evening before you go to sleep to help you process the day’s events.

Natural sleep aids

natural sleep aids © press

If you must take a sleep aid, it is suggested you only used melatonin occasionally. You can cycle different herbs like valerian root, L-theanine, myceliated gaba, and 5 Htp. It is best not to take the same sleep supplements every night.

Leafy greens

leafy greens © press

Foods that induce deep sleep are organic leafy greens like kale, bok choy, oysters, and organic meats.

Walking barefoot

walking barefoot © press

Walking barefoot on the ground reduces inflammation from the day, helping your body to sleep. 

You can expect to see improved sleep as you integrate these suggestions into your lifestyle. Getting a good night’s is the most potent anti-ageing medicine.


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