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The Unique World Of The MCM London Comic Con In PIctures

Our costume highlights from the Excel Centre in London

 on 31st October 2014 @ 2.01pm
the unique world of the mcm london comic con in pictures

Comic-Con fans flocked over to London’s Excel center.

According to The Telegraph more than 120,000 costume gaming, comic and manga fanatics all flocked to the event, with the gaming and movie industries hoping to cash in.

Today is Halloween, however, at Comic-Con you don’t need an event or fancy dress party to dress up. Comic and gaming enthusiasts all stretched their fashion legs as their favorite superheroes, ranging from the traditional Marvel and DC superheroes like Spiderman, Thor, Batman, and Superman – to their favorite gaming heroes such as characters from Resident Evil. Even some of the Power Rangers show up in town.

I would do exactly the same, dressing up as my favorite Japanese anime and manga characters from Naruto and Dragonball Z, you wouldn’t need to ask me twice! (P.s Manga is NOT a cartoon!)

The MCM post-show release also said special guests at MCM London Comic Con included Daniel Radcliffe, Brian Blessed, Shinichiro Watanabe and Peter F. Hamilton, along with cast and crew from Teen Wolf, Salem, Monsters: Dark Continent, The Strain, Under The Dome, The Hunger Games and Extraterrestrial. Meanwhile, top comic creators at the show included Dan Abnett, Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons, Kieron Gillen, John McCrea and Yishan Li.

According to the MCM post-show release, MCM co-organiser Bryan Cooney said: "We're delighted that so many people made the trip down to Comic-Con this weekend, The show was 12,000 m2 bigger than in May but we still needed every inch of it, with more movie, television, games, comics, anime and cosplay content on display than ever before — not to mention a great special guest line-up.

"We're not going to sit on our laurels, though; the next MCM London Comic Con will expand to run over three full days, giving comic con fans even more to enjoy."

To the devotees, this is a fun and serious event! The Guardian described one person at the event. Sunny Strike, 18, was dressed as Xiao Qiao from Dynasty Warriors, “a game based on the Chinese war”, he explained carefully, “that took place in history”.

The Guardian said he loves this game. “It creates this comfort zone where it’s just you, you’re in this entire world, you don’t have to think about your problems, but sometimes you find the answers to your problems inside the game.”

Poison Ivy, an enemy of Batman also showed up to try and cause mayhem in Gotham city. She talked about her love for the event’s fantasy, “Personally, I find it hard to meet people. You take yourself completely out of context, you’re in a costume that makes you happy, people appreciate you for the effort you’ve put into it. I love it.”

The event has the ability to bring together the bond and love they share for this medium. They aren’t geeks or misfits, they are just people all united and are bathing in the spectacle.

TOBI from Naruto

tobi from naruto © Sarah Tsang

The Power of the Rinnegan and Sharigan in full force!

Gothams Scariest, Bane and Black Mask from Batman.

gothams scariest  bane and black mask from batman  © Sarah Tsang

Lets hope Bane doesn't blow up another football field like in the Dark Knight Rises! Plus if he teams up with the Black Mask we are really in trouble. 

On A Bender, or just Bender from Futurama

on a bender  or just bender from futurama  © Sarah Tsang

Bender from Futurerama, enjoying a refreshing beverage!

Natty Dredds, these are some great Judge Dredd costumes.

natty dredds  these are some great judge dredd costumes  © Sarah Tsang

The Dredds are ready to get you badguys!

Zelda and the missing Link

zelda and the missing link © Sarah Tsang

AHHH remember Zelda and the Ocarina Of Time for the Nintendo 64. Pure fantasy!

Look behind you, fantastic Star Wars Boba And Jango Fett Cos

look behind you  fantastic star wars boba and jango fett cos © Sarah Tsang

Look behind you he's coming to get you!

Gothams Finest, A Little Batman next to a huge Lego Batman

gothams finest  a little batman next to a huge lego batman © Sarah Tsang

Watch out Bane! (Two!) Batmen are here!

Final Fantasy 12

final fantasy 12 © Sarah Tsang

You don't want to mess with these guys, otherwise your fantasy will be final! (sorry poor pun I know!) But great cosplays of Vaash, Gabranth and the rest of the crew. 

2014 EuroCosplay Champions

2014 eurocosplay champions © Sarah Tsang

Well done to Champions Yurai, Spain, Winner Kaira, Poland and Aoime, Hungary

Gotham's Wierdest Harley Quinn.

gotham s wierdest harley quinn © Sarah Tsang

I wouldn't like to get in the way of these two!! Plus one of them is a splicer from Bioshock. 

Poison Ivy And Scarecrow!

poison ivy and scarecrow  © Sarah Tsang

Another gang of Batman's enemies! Batman needs to neutralise her poison somehow!

Team League Of Legends

team league of legends © Sarah Tsang

The World's Nerdiest Spectator Sport, Team League Of Legends

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