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London Underground Signs Get An Amusing Makeover

This Follows Plans For New £16bn Tube Upgrade

 on 10th October 2014 @ 3.38pm
london underground signs get an amusing makeover

Back in 2012, London Mayor, Boris Johnson promised that within the next 10 years, trains would be automated, and said he would not buy Tube trains with drivers' cabs.

 According to the BBC, Aslef spokesman Mr. Brennan said: "Trains won't be capable of going driverless until at least 2030 so promises of quick change is fantasy," said Mr. Brennan.

 However, it seems Mr. Johnson has the upper hand in the prediction department...

 Following the hugely successful new Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith and City line trains, the Underground will go further in their innovations. New futuristic trains with built-in air conditioning and an increase in capacity space up to 60% will train will be installed on the Piccadilly, Central, Waterloo & City and Bakerloo lines from the mid-2020s.

 They are expected to have a similar walk through carriages like the Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith and City lines. The first train is expected to come into service on the Piccadilly Line in 2022.

 The decision to go driverless would infuriate the RMT union and according to the BBC General Secretary of the union, Mick Cash said:

 "RMT has made it clear repeatedly that any moves towards the lethal and cash-driven nonsense of removing drivers on London Underground would be resisted through the most robust industrial and political campaign of opposition."

 However, Mr. Johnson responded: "What we are doing now is getting a new tube train that will allow full automation and you can't bring them in from day one with a fully driverless system as you have to have them all running on the line."

 He added "automation is going to come" and the new trains were a "great step forward".

 Similar trains are currently operated around Europe, such as Nuremberg in Germany.

Some people have also tried to upgrade the tube in their own imaginative way also.

According to Jak Bowler, a series of funny images were planted on the Underground tubes. These make amusing viewing for sure.

Heaven And Hell On The Tube?!

heaven and hell on the tube  © Tumblr

 It seems someone has painted quite a gothic image on the Central line here.

Who knows, maybe Satan himself tried to recreate a battle ground on the Underground...

Someone Really Hates Shopping...

someone really hates shopping   © Tumblr

 Someone has decided to detonate the West End, but why?!

Maybe they can't stand shopping.

...Recreating The Great Fire Of London In The Process

   recreating the great fire of london in the process © Tumblr

 Ah there she goes! The Great Fire of London has been reborn! It's okay to shop guys don't worry. Just go online...


no sitting   say what © Tumblr

 Goodness me a 200 quid fine for sitting?? Imagine the chaos this would cause during the rush hour!! World War 3 would break out.

The Right To Privacy

the right to privacy © Tumblr

 I knew everyone has the right to privacy. But come on, this is a bit much!

We'd all look like robots!

Spare Cushion Anyone?

spare cushion anyone © Tumblr

 This seems a nice but weird way to stop the rush hour pushing and shoving.

I doubt people would be too please though if Mr Blobby came and sat on them.

Maybe Mr Blobby Would Need A Seat After All

maybe mr blobby would need a seat after all © Tumblr

 Snakes on a train?

No Fair, Why Does The Driver Get Food

no fair  why does the driver get food © Tumblr

 Sometimes during a signal failure, You'd wish you could pour gravy over the driver's head!

Looks Like The Drinking Ban's Been Lifted

looks like the drinking ban s been lifted © Tumblr

 Put away your bottles of 'coke' people. You can bring any bottles you want on the tube now!

Shepherd's Pie Anybody?

shepherd s pie anybody © Tumblr

 I prefer Chicken and Mushroom to be honest

Spiderman's Coming To Town

spiderman s coming to town © Tumblr

 My Spidey sense tells me that there is danger in East London!

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