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Find Out Why Cannabis Smoothies Could Be The Healthy Change You Need

5 benefits of the green smoothies

 on 12th August 2014 @ 12.45am
find out why cannabis smoothies could be the healthy change you need

 There have been multiples studies into the health benefits of cannabis and the growing number of regions legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes prove that the once stigmatized herb is now becoming more socially acceptable.

 Juicing has been a contemporary phenomenon for health and fitness professionals alike, which comes recommended as a beneficial aid to healthy eating and lifestyle. The concept is simple, using a blender/juicer to mix together raw fruit and vegetables to give the consumer an energy boost and a quicker digestion of nutrients.

 The following video describes the health benefits a group of people found when they decided to juice cannabis. The following pages detail five additional reasons you should try and boost your health with the herbal concoction.

Prevents The High

prevents the high © Wiki Commons

 You don’t have to be a stoner to enjoy the benefits of marijuana; some people prefer to skip the psychoactive effects of the drug that can distract from their responsibilities. Heat is needed to convert the THCA element of raw cannabis into THC, which creates the high. Juicing raw cannabis, therefore, provides an alternative method of gaining the health benefits without the buzz; so you can continue your routine as normal.

Allows You To Digest Higher Doses

allows you to digest higher doses © Wiki Commons

 If you don’t have to worry about getting high from your intake of weed, you can have more of it and thus a stronger dose of its health benefits. The medical components in the class B drug are known as cannabinoids. Dr William Courtney claims that in its acid form, hundreds of milligrams can be taken, compared to the tolerable dose of 10mg when heated.

Can Be Mixed In A Range Of Ways

can be mixed in a range of ways © Wiki Commons

 Just like fruit and vegetable smoothies, cannabis can be mixed with a variety of tasty ingredients, to make drinking it a delicious experience. Drinking the drug in juice form is also way more convenient than the traditional method of smoking, as it can be done anywhere and doesn’t present the risk of passive smoking.

None Of The Risks Of Smoking

none of the risks of smoking © Wiki Commons

 Unlike cigarettes, marijuana use is not linked to lung cancer, but smoking it usually requires some tobacco, which is the main component in cigarettes. Vapourising and juicing cannabis reduces the risk of lung cancer, as well as preventing respiratory problems like chronic bronchitis, typical in smokers. It also prevents the lasting scent and toxins smoking releases in your home, making it a more hygienic method.

Lowers The Chance Of Other Diseases

lowers the chance of other diseases © Wiki Commons

 Medical marijuana has been known to ease chronic pain, but it can also prevent diseases and maintain health. The cannabinoids possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties, which make weed a strong contender as a dietary supplement.

Will you be jumping on the juicing cannabis bandwagon?

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