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Dirt Car Drawings: Masterpieces In Muck Are Amazing

Scott Wade's alternative art medium is grimy yet genius

 on 25th July 2014 @ 1.00pm
dirt car drawings  masterpieces in muck are amazing

 Hours on the motorway, acid-rain downpours and going through muddy puddles leave anyone's car in a mess. But when most would pop round the corner for a premium gold wash, others get creative.

 Scott Wade was first inspired for his 'Dirty Car Art' whilst living along a dirt road. Often doodling into the dust of the rear car windows, from little imprints came an enthused art medium, with Wade's masterpieces going globally viral.

 Brushes, erasers and fingers are his creative tools. The automobile art take different times to complete, some a few minutes and others 4 whole hours. Featured in the media, like Maxim and the New York Times, the world's people have gone stir crud crazy for Scott's debris designs. The work is used in PR stunts and ad campaigns, and he has travelled across the globe, from London to Mexico, because of it.

 Scott likes to involve as many people as possible in his gritty graphics, taking the work to fairs and festivals. His own cartoonist father would make colouring books for the neighbourhood kids, and Wade too takes the dust drawings to schools, giving talks to the children.

 The artist plans big next, hoping for shop fronts and skyscraper images. That's a lot of dirt!

 Scott himself couldn't be more astonished at his success with the filthy medium, saying of his surprise viral fame, "Oh yeah, I mean, who would have thought people wanted to look at dirty pictures on the internet?" Indeed.

 Here's just some of his dirty designs to inspire you. The window is your canvas, just don't leave it under a pigeon-roosting tree all night... So here is his art. 

1.) Who's on First?

1   who s on first  ©

 40's comedy duo Abbott and Costello do the dirty in this masterpiece...

2.) E=MC Sooted

2   e mc sooted ©

 Physicist in the filth, the biggest brain looks brilliant in this piece...

3.) LOVE

3   love ©

 Behind every black heart and, er, black window love will shine through...

 The hand of 'E' is slightly suspect though...You were all thinking it...

4.) Da Vinci's Dirt Delights

4   da vinci s dirt delights ©

 Hardly the Lourve, Mona has something to smile about now she is immortalised in muck...

5.) Sun, sea, sand and Scum

5   sun  sea  sand and scum ©

 Seaside trips always leave sand in your unmentionables...

 Wish we were really looking at this through our car window...

6.) His and Her

6   his and her ©

 Stuck with your other half and driving for miles...

 Looks like he's shoved the window-wiper in to shut her gob...

7.) Birth of Venus

7   birth of venus ©

 Muse in the muck, Venus covers her modesty in this smutty masterwork...

8.) Deserted Dirt

8   deserted dirt ©

 Scott should leave some of his cars by the cactuses, instant sand filled canvases guaranteed...

9.) Laurel & Hardy

9   laurel   hardy ©

 Another humorous double act, the slapstick twosome have the kind of funny mugs that just lend themselves to being slapped into the silt...

10.) Handful

10   handful ©

 A medium in the medium, this piece is a handful of crud in the dust...

The internet art world is eating from the palm of his hands...

11.) Smut Ahoy!

11   smut ahoy  ©

 A briny boat floats through the flotsam and jetsam seas...

12.) Girl With The Embossed Pearl Earring

12   girl with the embossed pearl earring ©

 Not so much a diamond in the rough as a pearl in the powder...

13.) Dust Particle Peaks

13   dust particle peaks ©

 From the filthy ground up...gritty beginnings produce mountainous masterpieces...

14.) Soul In The Soot

14   soul in the soot ©

 Aretha and Ray sing on through the scum, consecrated in the crap...

15.) Cinders Cindy

15   cinders cindy ©

 We've heard of carshow bikini clad girls, now supermodel Crawford is down and dirty...this car art wouldn't exist if carwashes had her at the sponge...

16.) Little Rascals

16   little rascals ©

 Buckwheat and Alfalfa couldn't look cuter in this piece...always playing in the dirt anyway...

17.) Nature from nature

17   nature from nature © 0

 From muddy mire to scummy splendour, nature is reproduced in its own natural discard...

18.) Stooges In The Silt

18   stooges in the silt ©

 Moe, Larry and Curly are comically captured in crap, triple the trash and triple the genius artwork...

19.) Do The Monster Muck

19   do the monster muck ©

 Out from the sooty shadows, this spine-chilling piece will leave you quaking in the quicksand...

20.) Pippa's Peach

20   pippa s peach ©

 A nod to the royals sister in roughage...this infamous tush gets everywhere...

21.) Sea Slime Sturgeon

21   sea slime sturgeon ©

 Gills in the grot...If this work was really underwater, it wouldn't last long...

22.) Are We Nearly There Yet?

22   are we nearly there yet ©

 Ever felt like gunging the kids? The family car has a dirt upcycled upgrade...

For The Children

for the children ©

 Artist Scott at his workshop, showing children his gunk graphics...

Artist At Work

artist at work ©

 Brushes and fingers are his art weapon of choice...

Scott feeling Chuffed

scott feeling chuffed ©

 You should feel good, Scott, you should.

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