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10 Musicians That Would Make Genghis Khan Blush

The Dark Side Of Rock: Getting Away With Murder. Literally.

 on 2nd June 2014 @ 12.43am
10 musicians that would make genghis khan blush

The music industry has it's dark side. And we forget too easily how musicians often get away with murder... Sometimes literally...

This list ranges from jaw-dropping crimes, tragic to down right disturbing. Reader’s discretion advised.  Take a Walk On The Wild Side...


Dr. Dre Brutally Assaulted A Woman

dr  dre brutally assaulted a woman © wikipedia

Dee Barnes was a small time rapper and TV host; she interviewed Ice Cube. That was it. At the time the N.W.A had a strict policy that was anyone who interviewed ex-member Ice Cube would get the sh*t kicked out of them.

Literally that was all it took, Dee interviewed Ice Cube. Dr. Dre found out and found her at a record release party, he "picked her up" and "began slamming her face and the right side of her body repeatedly against a wall near the stairway" whilst his bodyguard held off the crowd. Dre then attempted to throw her down a flight of stairs and then chased her into a bathroom. N.W.A members defended Dr. Dre by saying “bitch deserved it”.

Dre's career barely suffered. He went on to release the monstrously successful ‘The Chronic’ and got off with a fine and community service.

Johnny Cash: Nearly Wiping Out An Entire Species Of Birds

johnny cash  nearly wiping out an entire species of birds © wikipedia

Yes the dark star of rockabilly did some pretty dark stuff in his life. But few recall he nearly made an entire species extinct! While driving a truck, a wheel bearing overheated causing the truck to ignite. This situation escalated quickly as Cash abandoned his vehicle leaving it to set fire to a forest.

The fire consumed an entire square mile and killed the fire killed 49 California Condors. The entire population of the species was around 100. The US government had spent nearly $30 million trying to preserve the species. 

Rick James: Kidnapping and Crack Pipe Torture

rick james  kidnapping and crack pipe torture © wikipedia

The ‘Superfreak’ legend Rick James is notorious for his crack addiction. Drug addiction is standard fare for many popstars who could have made this list. But sicko James kidnapped music executive Mary Sauger and then beat her for roughly 20 hours.

That was not the end; while on bail for the crime, the 'Superfreak' singer kidnaped 24-year-old Frances Alley. He tied her up, burnt her with the hot end of a crack pipe, and forced her to service him sexually for six whole days. 

He was found guilty of both offenses, but was cleared of a torture charge in the crack-pipe incident that could have put him in prison for the rest of his life. He served two years, and lost $2 million in a civil suit to one of the women.

On his death in August 2004, James was found to have traces of alprazolam, diazepam, bupropion, citalopram, hydrocodone, digoxin, chlorpheniramine, methamphetamine, and cocaine in his blood.

Jimmy Page And His Foray Into Abduction

jimmy page and his foray into abduction  © wikipedia

With accusations of depravity ranging from tieing a groupy down and pleasuring her with a shark , to plagiarising their biggest hits, it's unlikely rock legends Led Zeppelin will be treading a 'Stairway To Heaven.'

The taudriest tale has become common knowledge yet is largely overlooked. Notorious Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page kidnapped a 14 year old girl in 1972, had sex with her, and kept her hidden her for THREE years to avoid jail.

Lori Maddox was her name, said that Jimmy’s roadie took her, putting her in Page’s limo and said “You fucking move and I’ll fucking have your head.” Lori stayed in a relationship with him for years. She later said she thought it was “romantic”. 

Vince Neil And A Tragic Drunken Crash

vince neil and a tragic drunken crash © Wikipedia

Motley Cru's misbehaviour is a dark seam of notorious rock clichés, TV’s out the window and all that. But during a house party Vince Neil decided to pop out while inebriated, with his friend Razzle in the passenger seat they crashed head on into another car.

The crash killed Razzle and severely injured the occupant of the other car. Vince later said “I wrote a $2.5 million check for vehicular manslaughter when Razzle died. I should have gone to prison. I definitely deserved to go to prison. But I did 30 days in jail and got laid and drank beer, because that’s the power of cash. That’s fucked up.”

Jim Gordon of ‘Layla’ Fame Stabbed His Mother

jim gordon of    layla    fame stabbed his mother © Wikipedia

Jim Gordon unfortunately suffered form severe schizophrenia that was undiagnosed for the most part. He suffered from auditory hallucinations, most notably his mother’s voice. Her voice deprived him of sleep, caused him pain.

On June 3, 1983 Gordon bludgeoned his real mother with a hammer and then stabbed her repeatedly with a butcher knife. He was sentenced to 16 years to life. This is one of the few cases on this list that was didn't get off lightly in sense, with severe mental health problems still keeping the musician who played with greats including Eric Clapton, Neil Young, The Beach Boys and The Monkees, still in a Californian medical facility.

Phil Spector: Shooting and Killing Actress Lana Clarkson

phil spector  shooting and killing actress lana clarkson © Wikipedia

The creator of the famous ‘Wall of Sound’ - multi-tracking guitars and creating an epic aural experience. Owning the U.S. single charts in the 60’s Phil Spector is one of the biggest names ever in the music industry.  

He is known as a eccentric, reclusive and for always carrying a gun. With plenty of stories of his drinking, his temper, and his abusive behaviour. On February 2003 Spector went out for drinks on the sunset strip, hostess Lana Clarkson greeted him.

They had drinks and she escorted Spector home, he then shot her in the mouth killing her instantly. According to the prosecution, Spector had previously pulled a gun on four women he dated when spurned. Spectre was sentenced to 19 years to life. He will be 88 years old before becoming eligible for parole.

Chuck Berry: Armed Robbery, and Perving On Women

chuck berry  armed robbery  and perving on women © Wikipedia

The ‘Jonny B. Goode’ writer may have saved the day for Marty Mcfly in Back To The Future, but as a teen he was arrested for armed robbery serving two years in jail. Later on in life in 1959 he was arrested for illegal transportation of a 14-year-old-girl.  

Details are just a bit sketchy on that one. However in 1979 he was caught on tax evasion. The most disturbing charges brought against the singer, was that of sixty women accusing him of filming them while changing and using the bathroom. He said he was innocent before settling out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Snoop Dogg And A Drive By Shooting

snoop dogg and a drive by shooting © Wikipedia

Snoop Dogg/Lion has been accused of gang affiliations and been arrested several times for drugs and gun possession. And it was a gang shooting that nearly landed him a life sentence. 

While recording Doggystyle in August 1993, Snoop Dogg was arrested in connection with the death of Phillip Woldermarian, a rival gang member who was shot and killed by Snoop's bodyguard, McKinley Lee. Snoop was charged with murder along with Lee as he was driving the vehicle from which the shooting had started. Both Snoop and Lee were acquitted. Lee was acquitted on grounds of self-defense. 

The attorney to the pair was also the defendant of O.J Simpson, Johnny Cochran. 

Barry White; Stealing $30,000 Worth Of Tires.

barry white  stealing  30 000 worth of tires © wikipedia

A lighthearted ending, the legend himself, in his youth he was in and out of gangs, but were mostly considered a gang of two with his brother Darryl.

White went to jail age 16 after stealing a reported $30,000 worth of tires from Cadillacs on a lot. He served seven months. I bet you never knew that one.

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