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12 Hollywood Celebrities Who Keep Their Political Beliefs Private

Some famous faces refuse to announce how 'woke' they are

 on 24th July 2022 @ 1.00pm
some hollywood celebrities keep their politics private © press
Some Hollywood celebrities keep their politics private

Most Hollywood celebrities have verbal diarrhea when it comes to spraying their toxic "woke" beliefs onto the public.

Liberal stars all know too well that spouting leftist propaganda is a quick and easy way to get some free publicity from America's corrupt corporate media.

From abortion to Black Lives Matter to defunding the police, VIPs are constantly shoveling it down our throats.

At a time when every element of our public lives has become political, it’s exhausting.

Meanwhile, a small handful of dignified celebs keep their politics private.

The following 12 stars offer a break from the nonstop politics.

They may have deeply held views, but they’d rather keep them private.

They focus on the movies and entertainment and leave politics for the pundits. 

Gal Gadot

The moment Gadot grabbed that Lasso of Truth we knew she was the perfect Wonder Woman.

And while the Israeli superstar can’t be blamed for the horrific “Wonder Woman 1984” sequel, she has kept her off-screen chatter away from the political fight.

The closest she came to talking politics was her role in the tone-deaf “Imagine” cover song meant to cheer up fans imprisoned by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Denzel Washington

You only have to say his first name to evoke this Hollywood icon.

And, at 67, few celebrities enjoy the respect and adulation that Washington generates.

He could use that cache to weigh in on any number of issues, but he steers clear of political infighting.

He’ll talk openly about his Christian faith but in a way that’s positive and uplifting.

Chris Pratt

A small, but vocal minority of movie goers loathe the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Star Lord.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star is openly Christian but his spirituality generates suspicion and hate.

Like Washington, Pratt speaks of his faith in the most optimistic way, never denigrating those who may not share his world view.

And, even though he hunts without apology, Pratt isn’t telling us who to vote for or what legislation to support.

Sandra Bullock

“Miss Congeniality” has been in the public eye since she and Keanu Reeves outwitted Dennis Hopper in her 1994 breakthrough film “Speed.”

Through the years she’s kept up a busy work pace, adopted two children, and made more than a few headlines tied to her love life.

But you won’t see her in those awful, repetitive celebrity PSAs, nor will you see her preaching to the masses from various award show pulpits.

In fact, she recently admitted she’ll take some time off from acting so she can be more present in her life. How refreshing!

Keanu Reeves

No one messes with John Wick, but the star who plays him is reportedly one of the nicest actors around when the cameras shut off.

Every few years a new wave of stories about Reeves’ nice guy persona flood the internet.

He shrewdly lets his work and generosity speak for themselves and he doesn’t sully those good vibrations with partisan attacks.

Nicolas Cage

This “Massive Talent” spent too many years scrapping with the IRS to get political.

It also seems like he’s working ‘round the clock on films that lean into his scenery-chewing tics.

Cage knows actors are expected to get political but he’s leery of that game.

He politely rebuffed The Guardian in 2013 when it asked him his position on gun control

“It’s something I would love to be able to answer. But I’ve been very neutral. By design. I know some people look down on my quietude, but I feel it would impact my ability to be an artist.”

Mark Wahlberg

The erstwhile Marky Mark is leaning into his Christian faith these days, with projects like his latest movie “Father Stu.”

But that doesn’t mean he’s telling fans how to vote or talking about which legislation means the most to him. Just the opposite.

He avoids the political spotlight, focusing on both his films and the greater meaning behind them.

His taunting of fellow stars who endure Hollywood-style boot camps leaps to mind. Still, his apolitical stance isn’t accidental.

“Look, I’ve never gone out and talked about politics. I’m an actor … both Republicans and Democrats buy movie tickets.”

Kevin Hart

The comedy superstar is quick to shred racism–and racists–when they cross his path. He’s far less eager to engage in the political scrum.

Hart bubbles with optimism on social media and his comedy material avoids the usual “Orange Man Bad” theatrics.

“I don’t speak on politics, never have. I speak on what I know,” Hart once told Essence magazine.

That apolitical stance likely hurt him when old, homophobic gags resurfaced after he was (briefly) tapped as the Oscar host in 2018.

Had he been a rock-ribbed progressive, he might have been allowed to keep the gig.

Jack Nicholson

The “Shining” icon may be 85 and semi-retired but for the bulk of his career he has kept much of his musings to himself. Nicholson wasn’t a regular on any late-night show couch and he didn’t open himself up to magazine journalists for every film project.

He admitted to the “Today” show in 2007 he’s an Irish Democrat through and through, but he also refused to engage in public mudslinging:

“I support every president. Period.”

Kurt Russell

Because of his gritty screen work and willingness to defend the Second Amendment.

Conservatives have considered Russell one of their own.

That’s where his political musings end, at least publicly.

He calls himself a Libertarian, but he doesn’t weigh in on hot-button issues so he can engage us with his work.

“As far as I’m concerned, you should step away from saying anything so that you can still be seen by the audience in any character.”

Goldie Hawn

Russell’s long-time partner similarly eschews political scrums.

She told Megyn Kelly why she embraces that point of view after 50-plus years in the public eye.

She’d rather entertain than lecture, and her peers aren’t exactly well positioned on the latter front.

"I think it’s why it drives people crazy when Hollywood tries to act holier than thou and starts lecturing middle America about morality and so on," she said. 

"And you know, these people sitting in Iowa who have never done any, they’ve never tried to put someone on a casting couch …

"They’re like, you could save your lectures for somebody else.”

Dolly Parton

The singer and actress is an icon full-stop, and as such could leverage that affection for her pet causes.

And she’s done no such thing for decades. She explained her rationale to The Guardian in 2019, and it’s both personal and pragmatic.

"I’ve got as many Republican friends as I’ve got Democrat friends and I just don’t like voicing my opinion on things.

"I’ve seen things before, like the Dixie Chicks.

"You can ruin a career for speaking out.”

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