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One-Eyed Cat Gets Adopted by Loving Family after Being Dumped at Shelter

Deformed tuxedo tabby cat was abandoned and unwanted

 on 30th April 2022 @ 1.00pm
deformed tabby cat eggbert has found a loving family after being abandoned © press
Deformed tabby cat Eggbert has found a loving family after being abandoned

A deformed tabby cat with one eye has finally been adopted by a loving family after being dumped at a shelter.

Eggbert had been abandoned at a pet adoption center in Lancaster, Ohio after a family decided they didn’t want their one-eyed cat anymore.

He was born with only one eye and one nostril, making him stand out from the cat crowd with his permanent wink.

In February, the Fairfield Area Humane Society (FAHS) posted about him on their social media, hoping someone would want to adopt him.

When the nonprofit first warmheartedly welcomed this cat, they were warned by the previous owners of his health condition.

The feline could experience seizures, they were told.

But other than some concerns that he might have epilepsy in the future, the feline didn’t have any other issues in their care—besides missing one eye.

Eggbert was the cat’s name.

And the “2-year-old absolute angel of a kitty” was soon adopted into a safe family, as shown on FAHS’s Facebook post on Feb. 23.

In the post, they explained some special considerations in caring for this cat:

"If epilepsy is diagnosed, his adopter should be ready and willing to give medication and do routine bloodwork as recommended by their veterinarian.

"He has had a full workup with our veterinarian which didn’t reveal any direct cause for seizure activity, but does not rule it out."

Eggbert was described as a peaceful and loving cat toward people, who is friendly with other cats, as well as dogs and kids.

Charmingly, Eggbert’s missing left eye made him look like he was winking in photos.

A nostril was closed shut as well.

But other than this, he functions as a normal cat would, except for the loud snoring caused by this deformity.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long for his new family to fall in love with him.

eggbert stands out from the cat crowd with his permanent wink © press
Eggbert stands out from the cat crowd with his permanent wink

It turns out, they had previously adopted another feline from FAHS and were familiar faces to the pet rescue staff.

“His new family has another FAHS alumni kitty at home, so we know Eggy is in the best hands,” they wrote on a Feb. 26 post showing Eggbert leaving the facility for his new forever home.

In a photo that went viral on the internet, Eggbert’s human mom holds the one-eyed tabby in her arms, with her daughter and husband on either side, all looking ready to lovingly take the unwanted cat—with a special wink—under their wing.

"He couldn’t have found a better home!” FAHS wrote.

"He is going to be loved and spoiled rotten.

"Thank you for choosing adoption again."

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