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Top Global Agency Demands 'Lockdowns' to Reduce Oil Use

International Energy Agency makes calls to achieve 'climate goals'

 on 26th April 2022 @ 9.00pm
international energy agency  is demanding  lockdowns  to meet  climate goals © press
International Energy Agency is demanding 'lockdowns' to meet 'climate goals'

A top global energy agency is demanding that governments mandate "lockdowns" to reduce oil use so countries can meet their "climate goals."

The calls come as gas prices have been skyrocketing in recent months.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) has pounced on the opportunity by pushing its plan for nations to curb their oil use.

IEA calling for energy "lockdowns" and radical measures such as banning the use of private cars in cities on Sundays.

Other measures proposed in the agency's "A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use" include reducing speed limits, working from home, cutting business air travel, and imposing an SUV "tax."

The worrying plan was revealed by Climate Depot, the website run by former Capitol Hill staffer Marc Morano.

the international energy agency claims  lockdowns  will help curb oil use © press
The International Energy Agency claims 'lockdowns' will help curb oil use

"Governments have all the necessary tools at their disposal to put oil demand into decline in the coming years, which would support efforts to both strengthen energy security and achieve vital climate goals," the report states.

Among the proposals: "Reducing highway speed limits by about 6 miles per hour; more working from home; street changes to encourage walking and cycling; car-free Sundays in cities and restrictions on other days; cutting transit fares; policies that encourage more carpooling; cutting business air travel."

Another idea is "restricting private cars' use of roads in large cities to those with even number plates some weekdays and to those with odd-numbered plates on other weekdays."

IEA argues that "banning the use of private cars on Sundays brings a number of additional benefits to publish health and well being."

As a bonus, IEA tells us these measures will also help "achieve vital climate goals."

marc morano slammed the plan  calling it  covid 2 0 © press
Marc Morano slammed the plan, calling it 'COVID 2.0'

Morano, who managed GOP communications for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Work, called the plan "COVID 2.0."

He said the report "sounds an awful lot like an energy version of COVID lockdowns."

"Instead of opening America back up for domestic energy production, we are told to suffer and do with less and are prescribed the same failed lockdown-style policies we endured for COVID," Morano said.

"It is odd how COVID 'solutions' also allegedly helped the climate and now the same solutions are being touted to deal with Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

Morano observed that the "proposed 'solutions' to climate change, COVID, and now the Russian war are all exactly the same – hammer the poor and middle class with more restrictions on travel, less freedom, and even more surrendering of power to unelected government regulators."

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