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Tea Party Movement Founder Michael Johns Calls for Fauci's Immediate Termination

'There is a solid basis for termination'

 on 8th June 2021 @ 11.00am
 based on the judgment alone he s provided throughout this pandemic  that there is a solid basis for termination   michael johns said © press
'Based on the judgment alone he's provided throughout this pandemic, that there is a solid basis for termination,' Michael Johns said

Tea Party movement co-founder and GOP strategist Michael Johns has called for Dr. Fauci's immediate termination and also an investigation into NIH funding of Wuhan Institute of Virology following the release of emails last week.

During an interview on One America News Network "Tipping Point," Johns was asked by host Kara McKinney:

"So after everything you've seen with these emails, do you agree with Sen. Rand Paul when he said, 'it's time to finally fire Fauci?'"


Johns responded:

"I think that's indisputable; I think firstly, based on the judgment alone he's provided throughout this pandemic, that there is a solid basis for termination.

"But now looking at the potential of him circumventing the traditional funding process and reinstating funding to the Wuhan lab, that's very concerning.

"Essentially, sneaking into the white Hosue and convincing one of the science officers in the early part of the Trump administration to reinstate that.

"There are very significant questions which rand Paul raised, is to whether or not Fauci purged himself when he said under oath that he had not been involved in funding the gain of function research, now the evidence seems to be mounting that he was, and has been."

"That, of course, was a decision which was reversed by the Obama administration which prompted him to reengage and secretly reinstate that."

 he was wrong on therapeutic and wrong on the timing of the vaccine © press
'He was wrong on therapeutic and wrong on the timing of the vaccine'

"The importance here is the 3200 pages of email communication which has been released, we often condemn mainstream media when they do bad things, but we should give them props when they d something good, so good for the Washington Post for putting in FOA request," Johns said.

"I've had the chance to get through most of it, and the conclusions that you reach are number one, he (Fauci) was earned by credible external sources that there were indications that this virus was engineered, that phrase was actually used by one of the eternal government-funded sources.

"And there was a sort of panic after he was alerted that there was broader recognition of the reinstatement of this gain of function research.

"So what we know was the law on the travel ban in where Fauci argued with Peter Nevaro and others that it would not be helpful.

"Number two, he (Fauci) was contradictory on the risk presented the American people, his famous 60 minutes interview where he downplays the pandemic entirely and also warns the American people that mask are essentially not effective, the contradictory nature of that also emerges in these emails."

 we re dealing with issues on fauci s role and the point person and the funding of the lab where the virus increasingly appears to have escaped © press
'We're dealing with issues on Fauci's role and the point person and the funding of the lab where the virus increasingly appears to have escaped'

"Then he was wrong on therapeutic and wrong on the timing of the vaccine," Johns continued.

"Those are the five significant decisions on which is input was sought and presumably valued.

"Now we're dealing the emerging issues with Fauci's role, and the point person and the funding of the precise lab where this virus increasingly appears escaped or was consciously released as an act of bioterrorism, which of course would the worst-case scenario.

"Also what would support your point about Fauci's termination, at no point within these internal deliberations or discussions, and at no point in the multiple media appearances that he made, did he ever make any indication that the government was funding this gain of function lab, which was involved a serious and dangerous level of virology research.

"And it just so happened it was been managed by the Chinese Communist Party, along with some input of the PLA military of China, which is not what I could imagine many Americans would be supportive of.

"And almost an incredible revelation that this had to come out this way would seem that, you know if that was a leading thesis, as far as the spread of the pandemic, one of the first things Fauci would have done would be to have come forth and acknowledge the U.S funding and explain it.

"Also, in the email communication, you can tell with the internal questions that we thought we had stopped that funding, which I think most people thought that they had did, at least career bureaucrats.

"So, number one, Fauci was inaccurate on fundamental guidance that he provided to the president.

"Number two, Fauci was seemingly conflicted in relationships with the CCP, the fact that you would see references where he seemingly took these people at their word.

"So were we actually engaged in funding the very research that this pandemic was released?" Johns asked.

"I would say on the basis of the release of Fauci's 3200 emails, there is more evidence of that before the release of these emails."

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