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Mothers Are the Root Cause of Transgenderism in Children, 1991 Study Shows

30-year-old research determined most transgenders had moms with mental health issues

 on 22nd March 2021 @ 7.00pm
a study from 1991 found that mothers are the root case of transgenderism © press
A study from 1991 found that mothers are the root case of transgenderism

A study from 1991 has recently resurfaced, after being buried for 30 years, that suggests mothers are the root cause of transgenderism, or gender confusion, in children.

For years now, the idea of fighting science, by making personal choices about gender, has shifted into a semi-political issue.

If you're on the left, you believe that the traditional idea, that humans are born either male or female, is not only outdated but evil.

Instead, leftists insist that the biological sex of a human being is an infinitely malleable matter of personal choice, untethered to genetics, that can be simply overridden.

Conservatives argue that it's not a matter of choice.

Instead, people who claim to be transgendered almost invariably have complex mental issues, often stemming from their upbringing.

leftists believe gender is just a matter of choice that can be changed at will © press
Leftists believe gender is just a matter of choice that can be changed at will

According to American Thinker, a recently recovered 1991 study supports conservatives.

During his pre-election town hall, Joe Biden happily accepted that little boys and girls know exactly what sex they really are (separate from their biological sex) and promised that he will ensure that the law lets them make those choices.

By saying this, Biden implied he would encourage allowing children to opt into dangerous hormone treatments and mutilating surgery.

HBO recently premiered a documentary about allegedly transgender kids.

Footage made the rounds of a scene in which a woman tries to force her manifestly six-year-old son, Phoenix, to stand in front of an LGBTQ church and proudly identify himself as a girl.

You can see the clip at the beginning of this Matt Walsh video:

Walsh goes on to point out some important insights about the HBO show:

1. The mothers are crazy. (When Phoenix's parents get divorced and Phoenix finally insists he really is a boy, his mother feels better because she had worked through her issues. Another boy, whose mother insists he is a girl and lives through his fame, hates his female persona.)

2. The fathers are nonentities or invisible men who go along with overwhelming mothers. They are eunuchs and seem fine with having their sons take that lack of masculinity one step farther.

3. Many of the children come from broken or breaking homes.

4. Even parents who aren't on board with their children's transgenderism go along meekly with the social pressure.

children are often too young to make life altering decisions about their gender © press
Children are often too young to make life-altering decisions about their gender

Before transgenderism became a "thing," the most commonly known version of this disorder was anorexia nervosa, which saw perfectly healthy young women starve themselves to death because they saw themselves as fat.

Thankfully, we recognized that anorexia was a mental illness and tried to re-orient these women's minds.

If we had treated anorexia the same way we treat the disorder of "transgenderism," we would have offered these women dieting tips and stomach-stapling.

Walt Heyer, who was one of the first Americans to take hormones and have surgery to "change" from a man to a woman, realized that (a) the medical community unconscionably pushed him into these drastic changes and (b) the problem was with his upbringing, not his misgendering.

In his case, he blamed his grandmother, who gave him big ego strokes for wearing girls' clothes and being feminine.

It may be that those overbearing mothers, the same ones Matt Walsh focused on, are the biggest factor in transgenderism.

Someone trolling through the literature discovered a 1991 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that compared mothers of boys with gender identity issues to mothers of "normal boys."

What the study revealed is that, for the boys who identified as girls, 53% of their mothers had Borderline Personality Disorders.

For boys who knew that they were boys, only 6% of the mothers had Borderline Personality Disorders.

the study found many transgender children had a mother with mental issues and lacked a masculine father figure © press
The study found many transgender children had a mother with mental issues and lacked a masculine father figure

Seemingly, when boys are transgender, it's not because they were born that way.

More often than not, it's because they had the spectacular bad luck to be born to a mother with a serious mental disorder.

It seems they also need time with a good psychiatrist who understands the emotional trauma of a disordered mother.

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