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Police Remove Child from 'Abusive' Parents Over Refusal to Agree to Sex Change

Authorities accuse parents of 'harming' child for refusing to let girl 'transition' to a boy

 on 26th December 2020 @ 1.00pm
the teen girl was taken from her parents after they refused to allow her to have sex change treatments © press
The teen girl was taken from her parents after they refused to allow her to have sex change treatments

Police in Australia have removed a child from the custody of her parents after authorities determined the young teen was the victim of "abuse" because her mother and father told her she couldn't have life-altering sex-change treatments.

An Australian magistrate court ordered that a gender-confused 15-year-old girl be removed from her home.

The magistrate judge slammed the parents’ refusal to allow their child to "transition" into a boy as "abusive."

The state children’s court magistrate issued a protection order, citing the girl’s risk of self-harm, and instructed police to remove the 15-year-old from her home.

The girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, allegedly discussed committing suicide in online chatrooms.

The parents, who also cannot be named, objected to what they described as bullying by authorities and are in the process of appealing the decision.

gender confusion has been rising among young teens in recent years © press
Gender-confusion has been rising among young teens in recent years

The parents deny any abuse of their daughter, according to LifeSite News.

“(The authorities say) we will not allow her to change gender, so it’s dangerous for her to come back to our house because we will mentally abuse her — they want us to consent to testosterone treatment,” the father told The Australian in a Nov. 28 report.

The parents expressed grief over the loss of their daughter, according to The Australian, and the mother said family and friends were shocked by the magistrate’s order.

“Especially Australians, they just can’t believe that it happens in Australia,” the mother said.

The parents are asking for a second opinion before doctors move ahead in giving their daughter hormone injections and possible surgery to make her look more like a male.

Lawyers representing the teenager have already filed legal action on Nov. 7 for doctors to begin ‘transitioning’ the female to make her look male.

The country’s child protection authorities, however, have reportedly agreed to the parents’ request for a second opinion, reported The Australian.

A lawyer representing the parents says that the magistrate made an error in the decision when the magistrate insisted that the ruling had, in the words of The Australian report, “nothing to do with the causes of gender dysphoria or treatment options.”

The lawyer filed the papers on November 20.

“It’s controversial because different doctors can come up with different diagnoses and different treatments, so for parents to seek a second opinion before going along with irreversible treatment is wholly appropriate,” the lawyer, who also cannot be named, said.

a growing number of children is being pushed into  transitioning  their gender © press
A growing number of children is being pushed into 'transitioning' their gender

Former political candidate Vickie Janson, a cultural conservationist and author from Melbourne, called the court’s pushing of the girl toward hormones to make her look more like a male “just reckless.”

"Even the lawyer can't be named (needs protection?) when representing parents who seek 'an independent psychologist to consider all possible underlying causes' ... rushing to damaging and irreversible treatments is just reckless,” she commented on Facebook in a Nov. 28 post.

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