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Germany Paid Antifa Supporter 1 Million Euros for Leftist Propaganda

German Chancellor Angela Merkel approved funding for far-left material

 on 14th September 2020 @ 1.00pm
antifa mobs have been terrorizing the pubic in cities all around the world © press
Antifa mobs have been terrorizing the pubic in cities all around the world

Ever since Donald Trump announced he would designate “Antifa” as a terrorist organization, calls have emerged to pursue the violent far-left mobs and their shadowy backers internationally.

The official budget number from the German government show this includes German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The budget for Angela Merkel’s Chancellery totaled €3.19 billion in 2020, of which more than half, €1.82 billion, went to the Chancellor’s Office for Media and Culture.

The office was created by Merkel’s forerunner Gerhard Schröder (Social Democrat) in 1998 even though the German constitution explicitly delegates cultural affairs to the states and not the federal government.

Despite its apparent unconstitutionality, it now serves as a kind of propaganda ministry for the German Chancellor, with its own world-wide public broadcaster Deutsche Welle (German Wave). 

Former US ambassador in Berlin Richard Grenell frequently sparred with Deutsche Welle on Twitter over their pro-Iran and anti-US coverage.

president trump has been pushing to declare antifa a terrorist organization but has found little support in europe © press
President Trump has been pushing to declare Antifa a terrorist organization but has found little support in Europe

Deutsche Welle fired back and called Grenell “Donald Trump’s agitator in Berlin”, a remarkable way for an ally government’s network to treat the US ambassador.

Now, a parliamentary query by the conservative AfD party has revealed over €1 million out of Merkel’s media/propaganda budget 2019 went to fund Soros-funded NGO “Neue Deutsche Medienmacher” (New German Media Makers – NdM), whose avowed goal is to increase “diversity” in German journalism by promoting ethnic minorities (New Germans) in the media and establishing “speech guidelines” for journalists.

Merkel’s 2020 NdM funding totals €291.000 so far, according to the German federal government.

The New German Media Makers is headed by left-wing Spiegel columnist Ferda Ataman, who has frequently raised hackles among conservatives with seemingly racist remarks.

Thus NdM awards an annual negative award for reporting it deems insensitive, called the “Goldene Kartoffel” (Golden Potato). “Kartoffel” (potato) is a racial epithet used by Muslims for ethnic Germans, a euphemism for the Muslim slur “Kaffir.”

“Kaffir” ranks among the most grievous insults for non-believers in the Islamic world, tantamount to using the “N-word” in the USA.

In South Africa, you can go to prison for using the “K-word.”

Nonetheless, Ataman and the New German Media Makers continue to use the term and make light of its racially defamatory meaning.

During the onset of the Corona pandemic, Ataman stirred controversy with a tweet implying German doctors are racist and would give preferential treatment to ethnic Germans, causing a storm of outrage in the hard-pressed medical community.

In April, Ataman published an essay on the website of hard-core leftist “Antifascist League” (Bund der Antifaschistinnen – VVN-BdA), avowing her support of violent left-wing Antifa.

The Antifascist League VVN-BdA has been classified as extremist by the Bavarian secret police and recently lost its tax-deductible status due to its overt political agitation.

In her essay, Ataman compared the AfD, the largest opposition party in the Bundestag, to the National Socialists and fascists, announcing her intent “to fight to make Antifa socially acceptable.”

Last year, Antifa members attacked AfD member of parliament Frank Magnitz from behind, nearly killing him. No arrests were made. AfD members are frequently attacked in Germany with no effort at finding the culprits, including leading figures like Jörg Meuthen, Beatrix von Storch, Uwe Junge and Guido Reil.

In February 2019, left-wing Antifa website Indymedia published “assassination instructions” for attacks on AfD members, and just a few days later, four members of the AfD youth wing were attacked on their way to a screening of a film on the Warsaw Ghetto, including one Jewish member who felt “reminded of the 1930s.” 

No arrests were ever made.

A freelance member of Soros-funded hate watchdog Amadeu Antonio Foundation was arrested in February 2019 for torching the car of an AfD politician in Berlin.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation is headed by former Stasi secret agent Anetta Kahane. and also funded by the Merkel government to the tune of €1.1 million in 2019 and €837.000 in 2020 to date.

In March of this year, AfD chair Tino Chrupalla suffered smoke inhalation and had to be hospitalized when his car was torched outside his home.

On May 16, three members of conservative auto workers union Zentrum Automobil were attacked by a mob of approx.

40 left-wing extremists on their way to an anti-shutdown protest in Stuttgart outside Mercedes HQ. One of the men, Andreas Ziegler, was shot in the head point-blank with a tear gas gun, leaving Ziegler comatose.

The MSM took five days to even report the near-fatal shooting, employer Mercedes has yet to comment. 

Ziegler has now emerged from the coma.

No arrests have been made.

In a video statement (English subtitles), AfD foreign policy spokesman Petr Bystron demanded of the German government: "How do you explain to your taxpaying citizens that German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent over 1.2 million Euros in 2019  on racist, anti-German NGOs which support violent, extremist Antifa?”

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas recently documented US Antifa members acknowledging their financing by George Soros-funded NGOs.

Several members of the violent “BLM” riots in the USA have been shown to have ties to Soros NGOs.

In Germany, it seems it is the federal government funding Soros NGOs with taxpayer Euros, who then finance Antifa and far-left activists to function as a shadow army of Blackshirts to exert violence against the political opposition.

Undercover journalist Christian Jung has documented the extensive ties between Antifa and local governments in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Bremen, who finance graffiti-covered “culture centers” and illegal squats as Antifa HQs, and pay salaries and even rents for far-left “activists” to monitor, harass and threaten the political opposition.

antifa has been pushing its far left agenda through violent protests and rioting © press
Antifa has been pushing its far-left agenda through violent protests and rioting

A sophisticated network of radical left-wing computer hackers will also dox and expose conservative politicians in Germany and attempt to ruin their lives.

In February, when conservative Christian Democrats were discussing the possibility of forming a center-right minority government with the Free Democrat Party tolerated by the AfD in the state of Thuringia, hackers attacked conservative lawyer Ralf Höcker, exposing his personal information and even hacking the e-mail list of a right-wing air gun mail-order site in Hungary, claiming Höcker was a customer. (Höcker denies this.)

His address was released and Höcker received what he called “very credible threats.”

Höcker, whose wife was pregnant at the time, was forced to withdraw from politics and resign as speaker of the conservative “Values Union” within Merkel’s party.

Two witnesses have testified that Angela Merkel served as a propaganda officer of the East German Communist Party Youth League starting in 1980.

Merkel denies this.

Several leading AfD politicians, including Beatrix von Storch, Alice Weidel, and Petr Bystron have called for Germany to follow Donald Trump’s lead in designating Antifa as a terrorist organization.

Leftist politicians and MSM journalists rallied around their Antifa allies in defense.

The German government-funded left-wing Open Society-related NGOs to the tune of at least €9 million Euro in 2019s, the AfD query found.

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