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Angel Mom, Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Alien, is Running for Congress to Fight Sanctuary Law

Agnes Gibboney's son Ronald Da Silva was murdered by an illegal in California

 on 9th September 2020 @ 1.00am
angel mom agnes gibboney s son ronald da silva was shot and killed by an illegal alien © press
Angel mom Agnes Gibboney's son Ronald Da Silva was shot and killed by an illegal alien

An angel mom, whose son was murdered by an illegal alien in California, is running for Congress so she can fight so-called "sanctuary" laws.

Agnes Gibboney's son Ronald Da Silva was shot and killed in 2002 by an illegal immigrant.

Districts that declare themselves "sanctuaries" for illegal aliens under state law refuse to work with federal law agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The "Sanctuary City" policies often cause criminal illegal immigrants to escape deportation, with many going on to commit further crimes in the United States.

Gibboney decided to get into politics after her son's killer, Luis Gonzales, a confirmed gang member and Mexican national, was released from prison after serving a stint for voluntary manslaughter.

Gibboney was able to get him deported and felt empowered because of the experience.

many americans are opposed to sanctuary laws that protect illegal aliens © press
Many Americans are opposed to sanctuary laws that protect illegal aliens

"After my son's murderer was released early in November of last year and I finally got him deported, I felt very strong and very empowered to fight for Americans — to fight for my country that I love and respect," Gibboney said in an interview with Fox & Friends

"Angel moms" are mothers whose children have been killed by illegal immigrants in the United States.

ICE records show Gonzalez was a previously deported felon who reentered the U.S. before shooting and killing Gibboney's son, according to Washington Examiner.

sanctuary city laws prevent federal ice agents from deporting criminal illegal aliens © press
Sanctuary city laws prevent federal ICE agents from deporting criminal illegal aliens

An all too familiar story, according to PJ Media.

Gibboney says she's now running for CA Congressional District 31 to stop the same thing happening to other families.

"Imagine if this is YOUR child!" she said on Twitter, announcing her run.

"Murdered by a previously deported illegal alien. I DON'T WANT this happening to your family"

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently looked into a camera and assured illegal aliens that they were safe from arrest and deportation.

Gibboney is running in a district that neighbors Los Angeles and took issue with Mayor Eric Garcetti's support for his city's police department refusing to coordinate with ICE and participating in immigration enforcement.

"He is saying he's protecting the immigrant community," she told Fox & Friends.

"Well, the immigrant community has no fears or concerns about Trump's policy."

"What Garcetti is refusing to say is he's protecting illegal aliens — those that commit crimes," she added.

"And I'm not saying that every illegal alien commit[s] crimes, but they commit a significant number of crimes."

mayor eric garcetti has promised illegal aliens he will protect them from deportation in los angeles © press
Mayor Eric Garcetti has promised illegal aliens he will protect them from deportation in Los Angeles

You can argue statistics on illegal alien crime from now until doomsday and it won't heal the wounds of mothers like Mrs. Gibboney, of which there are thousands across the United States.

In 2018 alone, ICE says that they placed detainers on illegal aliens responsible for 2,500 murders.

That's 2,500 families -- mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters -- who lost a loved one because too many in and out of government refuse to do what is necessary to protect the people by securing our borders.

Murder by an illegal alien is a wholly preventable crime.

Congress needs more advocates like Agnes Gibboney to put a stop to it.

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