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Woman Gets Revenge on Amazon Parcel 'Porch Pirates' with Brilliant Idea

Thieves get a nasty surprise when they open stolen Amazon boxes

 on 27th December 2019 @ 12.00pm
a woman decided to get revenge after falling victim to amazon  porch pirates © press
A woman decided to get revenge after falling victim to Amazon 'porch pirates'

A woman decided to take revenge on "porch pirate" thieves who keep stealing Amazon packages left outside her home.

The Colorado mother reportedly gave some porch pirates a taste of their own medicine.

Christine Hyatt told KKTV in Colorado Springs she got her revenge by leaving trash-filled Amazon boxes outside her front door.

Hyatt says thieves have stolen at least 20 packages from her porch.

She says she successfully managed to dupe the criminals into removing her garbage for free for the third time on her last attempt.

"We forgot to set our trash out for Thanksgiving, so we were overflowing with trash," she told the station.

amazon  porch pirates  have become a real problem in recent years © press
Amazon 'porch pirates' have become a real problem in recent years

"I've had packages stolen and I went, 'You know what? I have extra boxes -- let's see if someone will take our trash!'" she added.

Hyatt said the thefts are more than just inconvenient.

Among the items that have been stolen was her daughter’s diabetes medication.

"She can't afford to have her own medication stolen just because people are jerks," Hyatt said. 

"This is my way of fighting back."

In her next package, Hyatt plans to include cigarette butts, kitty litter, and fast-food wrappers, KKTV reported.

"My daughter told me that it was gross," Hyatt said. "But they deserve it."

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, another woman is having far less luck with her porch pirate problem.

hilary von smith says she was taunted by her  porch pirate © press
Hilary Von Smith says she was taunted by her 'porch pirate'

Hilary Von Smith has been left stunned after finding a thank you note written by a porch pirate who stole a package from her front door.  

Ms. Von Smith returned to her St. Paul residence on Wednesday evening expecting to find an Amazon box on her stoop after receiving a text earlier in the day notifying her that the parcel had been delivered. 

Instead, Von Smith was greeted with a handwritten note from a thief who had made off with her package before she arrived home.

The note appeared to taunt Von Smith and read: "So just a quick little thank you for leaving me the opportunity of stealing your package.

"Very nice of you. Thank You. The new owner of your package."

hilary von smith says her porch pirate left this note after stealing her package © press
Hilary Von Smith says her porch pirate left this note after stealing her package

Smith told CBS Minnesota that she was shocked by the ominous note. 

"I do appreciate a nicely-crafted 'thank you' note, but this is ridiculous," she stated. 

"I was angry and confused and quite flabbergasted someone would actually leave a 'thank you' note when they steal a package."

Earlier this month, The New York Times published data that revealed around 1.7 million packages are stolen or go missing in the US every single day. 

Nearly one in five Americans has had one of their deliveries snatched from outside of their homes, the newspaper reports.

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