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Why Trump Will Soar to Victory in 2020 and it Won't Even Be Close

The 2020 presidential election won't be a close race - Trump will win by a long way

 on 25th November 2019 @ 5.00pm
president trump will win in 2020 and it won t be a close race © press
President Trump will win in 2020 and it won't be a close race

President Donald Trump will win the 2020 presidential election and the Democratic candidate won't even come close.

The ever-mounting pressure from the Democrats to push for President Trump's impeachment shows that the Democratic Party is all too aware of this fact.

Ever since he took office, he's been fighting off unfounded allegations of collusion, obstruction of justice or corruption, that have never materialized and have only ever revealed corruption from the other side.

While the left is focused on their anti-Trump campaigns, they are missing the glaringly obvious - Donald Trump has been crushing it as president and the Democrats don't have a single candidate capable of beating him.

The first reality that will be noted in November 2020 is the first-quarter gross domestic product growth rate of 3.2 percent because it telegraphs where the economy will be then: not in a recession.

Recessions are on the horizon when GDP growth is negative for two consecutive quarters or more.

While financial panics can happen suddenly and unpredictably, President Donald Trump's economy is booming and it's only getting stronger.

Innovation is not declining, it's accelerating, and a recession before election day looks less and less likely by the day.

It's no wonder then that President Trump dominates the Republicans with an approval rating above 80 percent.

president trump has a passionate following and will be impossible to beat in 2020 © press
President Trump has a passionate following and will be impossible to beat in 2020

His administration’s deregulatory push is accelerating.

More and more rule-of-law judges, disinclined to accept bureaucrats’ excuses for over-regulation, are being confirmed to the bench.

Readiness levels in the US military have been renewed. America’s relationship with its strongest ally, Israel, is at its closest in decades.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have been faced with a Hobbesian choice of Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth Warren or former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders and Harris are too far to the left, Sanders by a lot.

Biden is far past his best years.

The nice folk lower down are looking for other rewards.

The nomination going to someone such as Pete Buttigieg, mayor of Indiana’s South Bend, is possible but what happens when the dog chasing the car catches it?

What was an entertaining and amusing aside suddenly becomes a commitment and, with that, well, comes a barrage of attacks.

Where Trump deflects incoming with ease, the Democrats scatter, some limping away, some blown out of the picture.

joe biden constant stream of gaffes prove his best years are way behind him © press
Joe Biden constant stream of gaffes prove his best years are way behind him

This will come as news to #Resistance liberals who are certain Trump will lose because they dislike him so much.

They still haven’t figured out that 40 percent of the country loves him and at least another 10 percent are very much committed to considering the alternative in comparison to Trump, not reflexively voting against him.

That decile is doing very well in this economy. Unemployment remains incredibly low. The markets are soaring.

That’s not a given for the fall of 2020, but better to be soaring than falling 18 months out.

On immigration, border security has always been a legitimate concern (and Immigration and Customs Enforcement a legitimate agency).

People don’t talk much about it as they decline to state anything that will see them labeled racist, but the reality of open borders is understood to be an unqualified disaster by most of the country, and most of the country understand the Democrats to be arguing for a de facto open-border system, if not a de jure one.

The Green New Deal sounds like a bad science-fair project where the smart kids got the colors to combine via an elaborate device and make all the “lava” flow black down the volcanoes’ sides and the village is destroyed.

Medicare-for-all is a professor Harold Hill production, headed for Iowa as was the Music Man.

There’s not a lot of serious thinking or talking among the Democrats about the People’s Republic of China and the “nine-dash line” in the South China Sea (which many may think is some sort of shorthand for their marks on the debate stage), or Huawei, which is just too complicated to try to debate in five-minute exchanges.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s turn as Madame Defarge may even wake up some of the wealthy-woke to their peril.

It’s a circus coming to a cable-news network near you soon.

The booming economy should have rocked the Democratic field.

a trump and hillary rematch would make for an interesting race  but we all know she can t win © press
A Trump and Hillary rematch would make for an interesting race, but we all know she can't win

Alas, the party seems collectively intent on poring over the Mueller report yet again in the hope that, somehow, someway, there’s something there.

But the probe is over. No collusion. No obstruction.

Democrats have to campaign on something else besides a great economy, rising values of savings, low unemployment across every demographic, clarity about allies and enemies abroad, and a rebuilding military.

It’s a tough needle to thread, condemning everything about Trump except all that he has accomplished that President Barack Obama couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Hillary Clinton is literally the Democrats' best shot for 2020, but as we all know, she can't beat Trump.

Beating President Trump is not just tough – it’s practically impossible.

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