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UK Company Set To Implant Microchips Into 'Hundreds Of Thousands' Of Workers

Tech enthusiasts all over Europe have already had microchips implanted

 on 13th November 2018 @ 6.00pm
companies all over europe are offering microchip implants to employees © press
Companies all over Europe are offering microchip implants to employees

No longer a conspiracy theory? Back in September Neon Nettle reported that experts were warning that there will soon come a point when everyone will end up receiving a microchip implant.

But now a growing number of tech enthusiasts all over Europe already has microchips implanted, and a Swedish company is working with large global employers to provide microchipping services for their workforces.

A company called Biohax recently disclosed to one of the most prominent newspapers in the UK that they have been in talks with a “major financial services firm” that has “hundreds of thousands of employees."

Sweden-based Biohax produces human microchips and is now in talks with UK legal and financial firms to implant chips into their staff.

uk company set to implant microchips into  hundreds of thousands  of workers © press

According to ZH: For security-obsessed corporations, this sort of technology can appear to have a lot of upsides.

If all of your employees are chipped, you will constantly know where they are, and you will always know who has admittance to delicate areas or sensitive information.

According to a top official from Biohax, the procedure to implant a chip takes “about two seconds,” and it is usually implanted in the hand…

A syringe is used to place the chip in an area between the thumb and forefinger, according to the report.

Osterlund said the procedure is similar to ear piercing and takes “about two seconds.”

The microchips operate via “near field communication” technology, similar to what is used by no-contact bank cards.

“In a company with 200,000 employees, you can offer this as an opt-in,” Osterlund told the Telegraph.

Right now, many companies use security badges, and I once worked in a building that required a security badge.

But security badges can be lost, stolen or forged.

Theoretically, microchip implants are much more permanent and much more protected, and that is one of the big selling points.

The following is what the chief medical officer of Biohax recently told Fox News…

“The chip implant is a secure way of ensuring that a person’s digital identity is linked to their physical identity. It enables access management in a way that protects individual self-sovereignty and allows users to control the privacy of their online activity,” Dr. Stewart Southey, the Chief Medical Officer at Biohax International, told Fox News.

Of course, once this technology begins to be implemented, there will be some workers that will object.

But if it comes down to a choice between getting the implant or losing their jobs, how many workers do you think will choose to become unemployed?

Yes, there will be some that will sacrifice their jobs. I will never let anyone put a chip in me.

uk company set to implant microchips into  hundreds of thousands  of workers © press

But just like with so many other things, most of the population will simply choose to accept the “new technology.”

Sadly, the mainstream media is now openly telling us that this is coming.

For example, the following is an extract from a recent Fox News article entitled “Are you ready for a chip implant?”…

You walk into a grocery store and pick up eggs. No smartphone? No problem. You swipe your hand across a reader, and the amount is deducted from your bank account.

If that sounds far-fetched, you haven’t been to Sweden recently, where thousands of people have reportedly had chips implanted in their bodies.

And not too long ago, the NBC affiliate in Tampa profiled a mother that desperately wants to implant a microchip into her disabled child for safety reasons…

For Steffany Rodriguez-Neely, life is busier than ever.

The Bay Area mother-of-three has her hands full 24-hours a day.

The ages of her children run the gamut from newborn to teenager. While this Lutz mom prides herself in being an attentive, active, dedicated mother, she’s also a realist.

She knows an emergency can happen in a matter of seconds, even to the best of parents.

When Steffany saw the recent tragedy in Pasco County where a toddler wandered into a pond and drowned, her heart was broken.

As she talks about it, she shakes her head sadly, closes her eyes and sighs.

“It was awful, so sad. You know, good parents have bad things happen,” Steffany told WFLA.

They always like to use the children to make us feel guilty.

The narrative will be that if you are against implantable microchips then you are against child safety and you are a bad person.

By now, you have seen how this works on issue after issue.

There won’t be any talk about the potential tyranny that government-issued identity microchips could unleash.

Instead, all of the talks will be about the “potential benefits” and about how this will make things so much safer “for the children.”

We truly do live in apocalyptic times, and many of us can see where all of this is leading. Unfortunately, we can complain all that we want, but the agenda just keeps moving forward.

Not too long ago, a Wisconsin-based company called Three Square Market began implanting microchips in their employees “on a voluntary basis.”

In the aftermath of that decision, USA Today published an article entitled “You will get chipped — eventually.” Here are a few lines from that article…

You will get chipped. It’s just a matter of time.

In the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips in employees last week to ditch company badges and corporate logons, the Internet has entered into the full-throated debate.

Can you see the psychological tricks that they are using on us?

They want you to believe that it is inevitable and that everyone around you will eventually give in and get chipped.

As for me and my house, we will never be chipped under any circumstances.

Everything will be “voluntary” in the beginning, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this story will end.

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