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Girl And Boy Kill Themselves After Playing Horrific 'Momo' Game on Whatsapp

Tragic deaths took place within just 48 hours of each other

 on 3rd September 2018 @ 8.00pm
tragic deaths took place within just 48 hours of each other © press
Tragic deaths took place within just 48 hours of each other

A 12-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy took their own lives after playing a new horrifying game called 'Momo,' which challenges youths to commit suicide via messaging application Whatsapp.

The tragic deaths, which took place within just 48 hours of each other, happened in the north-west Colombian area of Santander.

The sadistic game involves adding phone number said to belong to 'Momo,' a haunting birdlike a woman with bulging eyes, who then sends the players a multitude of challenges and threats, before finally commanding the players commit suicide.

If the players refuse to complete their horrifying task, they are reportedly told they will be cursed with 'evil spell.'

According to local media reports, the 16-year-old boy was found dead first - he is also believed to have known the 12-year-old girl.

girl and boy kill themselves after playing horrific  momo  game on whatsapp © press

He allegedly passed the Momo game on to the girls before his death.

According to the DM: Within 48 hours, she too was found dead. It is reported she was found by relatives hanged from a wardrobe.

The two youngsters who died had their phones seized by police, who say they found messages linked with the game.

Government secretary Janier Landono said:

'Apparently, they practiced this game through WhatsApp and it invited the young people to hurt themselves.

'The game has different challenges and the suicide is at the end.'

These are the first deaths linked with the Momo-game in Colombia and now authorities are working with schools to warn youngsters against playing it.

The avatar character is the work of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who is not associated with the game and it has been reported that the story began as a meme, even if it has now morphed into something more real.

girl and boy kill themselves after playing horrific  momo  game on whatsapp © press

'Momo' is the name of both the doll-like creature and the viral challenge she features in, which encourages kids to add a contact on WhatsApp who will then hound them with violent images and dares - the last one being for the child to commit suicide.

It is not known who is behind sending out the challenges via Whatsapp, and there are reportedly several numbers linked to Momo in Colombia and Mexico.

Spanish Police posted a warning on Twitter telling followers not to add 'Momo' on WhatsApp.

This comes after the Slenderman challenge took over the internet a few years ago and resulted in some children being stabbed by their friends.

The fictional character — which originated from an art contest in 2009 — featured a creepy figure with long limbs and a blank face.

After the art started to circulate similar to what has happened with 'Momo', teenagers and children started to get affected by the creepy stories created about the figure.

It became such a problem that Morgan Geyser, a 15-year-old from Wisconsin, lured her friend into the woods in 2014 with another girl and stabbed her 19 times. Her friend survived the attack after being left for dead.

Afterward, Morgan claimed she did it to impress the fictional character Slenderman and has since been sentenced to 40 years in a psychiatric hospital.

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