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Trump, Putin, And The American Public Have One Common Enemy: The Deep State

'Russian collusion' is literally a pretext for bashing Trump.

 on 21st July 2018 @ 2.00pm
  russian collusion  is literally a pretext for bashing trump © press
'Russian collusion' is literally a pretext for bashing Trump.

As the Russia narrative continues to descend into hysteria, one thing has become apparent following Trump's meeting with Putin following the Helsinki summit, the “deep state” is willing to risk a nuclear war to get rid of Trump.

To highlight the double standards of the liberal left controlled media, cast your mind back to Barack Obama's "hot mic incident" where he promised Dmitry Medvedev to be "flexible."

Where was the media's "Obama is a traitor" headlines?

The obvious double standards show that the ongoing 'Russian collusion' is literally a pretext for bashing Trump.

Trump's distrust of the official narrative and baseless claims made by the US intelligence community is justified because they have been caught lying repeatedly, undermining a country they have sworn to protect.

One example of this is the lies the US public were fed by the CIA about the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in order to justify the illegal war in Iraq.

That's how much you should not trust the official mainstream narrative.

trump  putin  and the american public have one common enemy  the deep state © press

According to Sputnik News: It was a deliberate operation to provide false information to the American people and the international community.

Lying to the public and lying to the world is an old tradition of the US intelligence community, which is American only in name, because it serves un-American interests.

Even the “Gulf of Tonkin incident” which was used to justify active American engagement in the Vietnam war was a deliberate false flag operation designed to force the US into an unpopular war.

The Founding Fathers designed the US political system with non-intervention in mind, but the “deep state” that controls the US intelligence community hacked the system and forced the US into a never ending series of foreign military entanglements.

However, any tyranny (and make no mistake, the “deep state” is a collective tyranny) sooner or later becomes either insane or suicidal.

trump  putin  and the american public have one common enemy  the deep state © press

Pushing the US into a bloody war in Iraq was deeply immoral but relatively safe, but pushing the US into a war with a major nuclear power like Russia is criminally reckless.

Sadly, the “deep state” is willing to risk a nuclear war in order to get rid of Trump.

That’s obvious to Trump and his voters, but not obvious to radical Democrats and DC-based pundits who would rather see the world go up in (nuclear) flames than see a second Trump term. And that’s exactly why they will get a second Trump term.

He is already painting his “deep state” enemies as senseless warmongers, bypassing the mainstream media with his twitter account:

trump  putin  and the american public have one common enemy  the deep state © press

“The Fake News Media wants so badly to see a major confrontation with Russia, even a confrontation that could lead to war.

They are pushing so recklessly hard and hate the fact that I’ll probably have a good relationship with Putin. We are doing MUCH better than any other country!”

Even if doesn’t look like a winning communication strategy, if you’ re a looking at it from the inside of the mainstream media information bubble, it still is a winning strategy.

There is a less talked about reason why Trump and Putin may find common ground, and why the Russian leader shows remarkable patience and calm, while dealing with the fiery US President.

trump  putin  and the american public have one common enemy  the deep state © press

Putin is one of the few world leaders who openly talk about the US “deep state” and understands the challenges which face a US President who is trying to go against it.

In his interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro in 2017 Putin explained that no American president can freely define the American foreign and domestic policies:

"US Presidents come and go, but the policies remain unchanged. Know why?

Because the bureaucracy has strong power.

A man is chosen, he comes with his ideas, but then he's approached by well-dressed people with briefcases, dressed in dark suits… and they start explaining what needs to be done.

And then everything changes instantly.

That happens with every presidential administration. Changing anything is difficult, and I say that without a trace of irony.

That's not because change is not wanted, but because it's difficult."

After the Helsinki summit Vladimir Putin told Russian diplomats that powerful forces in the US are working on undermining the results of the summit and stressed that those forces “place their narrow interests above the national interests of America”.

trump  putin  and the american public have one common enemy  the deep state © press

There is a silver lining in the whole post-Helsinki debacle.

The silver lining is that the American people are way smarter than the “deep state” thinks they are. Judging by the whole Russiagate scandal, the “deep state” firmly believes that a lie, repeated often enough through every mainstream media channel, will eventually become a self-evident truth for the average American.

The Clinton political operatives are wrong on this count.

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 1% of Americans believe that “the situation with Russia” as the most important problem facing the US today.

Despite all the efforts of the mainstream media, it is unlikely to change, and that’s why there is still some hope that the “deep state” can be defeated.

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