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Vatican Bank Chief: ‘New World Order’ Controls The Catholic Church

Tedeschi said that the coming 'economic collapse' is designed by the 'deep stae'

 on 12th July 2018 @ 8.00pm
tedeschi said that the coming  economic collapse  is designed by the  deep stae © press
Tedeschi said that the coming 'economic collapse' is designed by the 'deep stae'

The huge demographic collapse of the West was orchestrated by the 'Deep State' in order to create the 'necessary conditions' to usher in the New World Order according to the former president of the Vatican bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi.

Speaking at an international conference of the John Paul II Academy, the former Vatican chief described how the deep state's efforts to decrease the world’s population has already been set in motion which we'll see in a series of orchestrated 'economic catastrophes.'

Tedeschi said that the coming 'economic collapse' is designed to “persuade” people around the world to accept the elite globalist's New World Order and will eliminate national sovereignty across the globe. 

According to Gotti Tedeschi, the “greatest enemy” of the New World Order is the family because it provides “education, autonomy and independence” from the deep state.

The second enemy is Christianity which it seeks to destroy with its Luciferian plan for the world.

“The demographic collapse was planned without any doubt,” Gotti Tedeschi explains.

“It is unthinkable that the decision-makers in the United States and around the world did not know what they would have created by refusing life and the natural law.”

vatican bank chief     new world order    controls the catholic church © press

according to LSNews people pushing this fake news, he said, are “gnostic prophets” such as population control proponents Paul Ehrlich, Jeffrey Sachs and Ban Ki-moon who, rejecting the natural law and the divine order of creation, seek to proselytize the world with their “anti-Catholic gnosis.”

According to Gotti Tedeschi, the “greatest enemy” of the New World Order is the family because it provides “education, autonomy and independence” from the state. Its second enemy is the Catholic Church, he said, and yet these gnostic prophets are “rewriting genesis in the halls of the Vatican.”

“It was planned”

The Italian financier said the economic collapse has been caused by a “collapse in births,” not because couples are having no children, but because they are not having enough to provide economic growth.

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“Zero growth is two children for a couple,” he said.

vatican bank chief     new world order    controls the catholic church © press

Zero growth is a substitution,” with the consequence that “GDP stops growing.” Governments have “solved” this problem by “increasing consumerism” and outsourcing production, primarily to Asia.

But as the demographic collapse results in an ever larger aging population, so governments must increase taxes to absorb the costs of those living in retirement, he explained, resulting in a crippling effect on GDP and nations’ economies.

“It can appear to grow, but it is a big bluff invented in the last 30 years,” he said.

Gotti Tedeschi believes that none of this has happened by chance and that the decrease in population was needed in order to produce a crisis in the global economy and so make it easier to usher in a New World Order.

“Economy is a formidable means of persuasion,” he said. “It is the best excuse to make people around the world accept a conclusion.”

vatican bank chief     new world order    controls the catholic church © press

He referred to the “Kissinger Report,” which he said was partly an attempt to “homogenize culture” by relativizing religion and “if possible, creating religious syncretism.”

This goal is helped by immigration, leading to a potentially dangerous mix of religious dogmas that could “cause war.”

The population control movement in the United States dates back to the pro-nazi, pro-eugenics founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.

In 1969, President Richard Nixon criticized population growth in the third world, a problem later addressed by the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future in 1972, directed by J.D. Rockefeller III.

At the time, American geo-strategists thought that population growth in the third world was a threat to American international interests.

This led to the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200), published by Henry Kissinger two years later, in 1974.

The 200-page report specifically states that population growth in the third world is a threat to American international interests because the growing populations need too many resources and the Western industrial system, for example, needs the resources of Africa.

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The report also called for increased funding to be given to Planned Parenthood.

“Everything was planned,” Gotti Tedeschi believes, lamenting the fact that documents such as the Kissinger Report have largely not been read.

vatican bank chief     new world order    controls the catholic church © press

He said the threat of environmental catastrophe, which he calls “fake news,” is now used to push for a reduction in the population gap between East and West.

Not only that, but the growing gap between “too many rich and old” people and “too many young people who are unemployed” is used to “create the spirit for accepting euthanasia.”

Such a mentality is “criminal,” he said, as he recalled Italy’s Prime Minister (he didn’t say which) telling him one could cut the cost of government expenditure “in one second” through euthanasia which would “cut 25% of the population over 60 years old.”

Gotti Tedeschi also drew attention to the current tension between globalism and nationalism: those who wish for a Europe that helps single countries grow as opposed to globalists who would prefer a Europe that governs all countries and eliminates national sovereignty.

So what can the Church do?

“The Church will either collide or be isolated,” he said.

But “something has happened that should worry a lot of people,” he added referring to recent actions taken, in particular, by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Those currently advising the “top of the Church,” he observed, are population control advocates such as Paul Ehrlich, Jeffrey Sachs, and the former UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon — people he calls “gnostic prophets.”

To transform the “divine genesis into a gnostic genesis,” and to do this at the Pontifical Academy inside the Vatican would be their “masterpiece,” he said.

“We are near” to this happening, he added. “This should worry everyone.”

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