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Pedophile Refugee Who Raped 12-Year-Old 'Gifted' 7-Year Visa Extension

Convicted child rapists was given a free pass, despite crimes

 on 12th July 2018 @ 12.00pm
thomas scott gbojueh raped a 12 year old multiple times  forcing her to have an abortion © press
Thomas Scott Gbojueh raped a 12-year-old multiple times, forcing her to have an abortion

A pedophile refugee was "gifted" a 7-year visa extension by the government after he was convicted of raping a 12-year-old child who was later forced to have an abortion.

50-year-old Thomas Scott Gbojueh had his visa canceled after he was jailed for child rape, but later won an appeal to have it reinstated and was granted a full seven-year extension.

Gbojueh, who left the young girl pregnant and in need of an abortion, lost his final appeal to have his visa extended further was deported back to his native Liberia last week by the Home Affairs Minister.

Unemployed Gbojueh, who arrived at court for his appeal in a top-of-the-range Porsche SUV, said he's "disappointed" with the court's decision but says he's confident that he will be "back soon."

pedophile thomas scott gbojueh says he s confident he ll be  back soon © press
Pedophile Thomas Scott Gbojueh says he's confident he'll be 'back soon'

According to the Daily Mail, Gbojueh pleaded guilty to twice having sex with the underage girl, once less than four months after arriving in Australia in 2006, but was able to remain in the country.

The 12-year-old was the daughter of a woman Gbojueh was in a relationship with at the time, and later terminated the pregnancy.

A series of appeals lodged with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Federal Court saw his visa reinstated several times since it was first canceled in 2011.

Mr. Dutton slammed the AAT, and said the judicial system needs to be more consistent in deporting criminals with canceled visas in a 'timely manner'.

'I want to make sure that we get a better consistency out of the judicial system,' Mr. Dutton told Daily Mail Australia. 

'We have seen countless examples over a long period of time now where we've had criminals who have had their visas cancelled only to be reinstated by the AAT.

'I think we need to have a reflection of community standards.

'We need to listen to the public because people aren't happy with a system where people escape the consequences of their criminal actions.' 

the 50 year old pedophile raped a 12 year old child © press
The 50-year-old pedophile raped a 12-year-old child

Gbojueh arrived in Australia from West Africa in November 2006 and was jailed for 27 months three years later.

In 2011 then-immigration minister Chris Bowen canceled his visa and Gbojueh was detained.

But less than two months later the AAT ordered Gbojueh be released and reinstated his visa.

The tribunal ruled Gbojueh, a member of Liberia's Krahn ethnic group, had a 'well-founded fear of persecution,' due to association with former dictator Samuel Doe.

Mr. Bowen then canceled the visa again in July 2011, but this time the Federal Court stepped in to reverse the decision.

unemployed gbojueh arrived at court for his appeal in a top of the range porsche suv © press
Unemployed Gbojueh arrived at court for his appeal in a top-of-the-range Porsche SUV

In 2014 Scott Morrison again ordered Gbojueh's visa canceled, but the refugee again sought judicial review.

This time the Federal Court found in favor of the minister, but Gbojueh again asked for the decision to be reviewed.

After that appeal failed, Gbojueh applied for a protection visa in 2016, but when it was refused he took the case back to the AAT.

In April 2017 the AAT upheld the refusal, but Gbojueh was not expelled from the country for another 14 months.

The Liberian refugee also appealed his 2008 rape conviction and six-and-a-half-year jail term, serving a shorter sentence for having sex with a person under 14.

mr  dutton slammed the aat  and said judicial system needs to be more consistent in deporting criminals with canceled visas © press
Mr. Dutton slammed the AAT, and said judicial system needs to be more consistent in deporting criminals with canceled visas


November 2006 - Thomas Scott Gbojueh enters Australia on a refugee visa. Less than four months later he commits the first two child sex offenses against a 12-year-old girl.

November 2008 - Gbojueh is convicted of rape and having sex with a person under the age of 14. He is sentenced to six-and-a-half years' jail.

June 2009 - Gbojueh is acquitted of rape on appeal, but pleads guilty to having sex with the underage girl, who became pregnant and needed an abortion. He is jailed for 27 months.

February 2011 - Then-immigration minister Chris Bowen canceled Gbojueh's visa. Gbojueh is detained. 

April 2011 - Gbojueh is released after the Administrative Affairs Tribunal sets aside the decision and reinstates the visa. The AAT finds Gbojueh has a 'well-founded fear of persecution' in Liberia due to his ethnicity

July 2011 - Mr. Bowen again cancels Gbojueh's visa and he is placed in detention again.

August 2011 - Gbojueh takes the matter to the Federal Court, seeking judicial review.

March 2012 - The Federal Court orders Gbojueh's visa reinstated, and he is released from detention.

January 2014 - Gbojueh's refugee visa is canceled again, this time by minister Scott Morrison.

February 2014 - The Liberian refugee again seeks judicial review.

August 2014 - This time the Federal Court rules against Gbojueh.

September 2014 - Gbojueh again seeks judicial review.

March 2015 - The Full Federal Court rules in favor of Mr. Morrison.

May 2016 - Gbojueh lodges an application for a protection visa.

August 2016 - The protection visa application is refused, but Gbojueh appeals with the AAT.

April 2017 - The AAT upholds the decision to refuse Gbojueh's protection visa application.

July 2018 - Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton order Gborjueh deported back to Liberia.

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