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Child's Skull Found During Search in Arizona

Underground bunker discovered on land connected to Clinton Foundation

 on 8th June 2018 @ 12.46pm
the skull appears to belong to a child aged around  7 8 years old © Press
The skull appears to belong to a child aged around 7-8 years old.

The skull of a child has been found during a raid on a sex trafficking bunker discovered on land connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The human trafficking camp was uncovered by a group of veterans who were patrolling the area in Tucson in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.

According to one of the vets, former Navy SEAL and pedophile ring investigator Craig Sawyer, there's media blackout regarding reports of the camp.

The group stumbled upon the child sex camp by chance after receiving a tip-off that homeless veterans may be sleeping rough in the area.

Pedophile camp connected to the Clintons

Further investigations following the discovery of the pedophilia prison have uncovered evidence showing that the land where it is located is owned by a company with deep ties to the Clinton Foundation.

BLP reports: Lewis Arthur and Veterans on Patrol have just located a child’s skull in Tucson near the site of the underground bunker found late last week, which contained items associated with child sex trafficking.

After waiting over two hours for law enforcement to show up, 5 sheriff cars arrived on scene and said they were given the wrong coordinates and had tried to return Lewis Arthur’s phone call but was not able to reach him.

Arthur confirmed that his phone had died.

The sheriff’s office was flooded with phone calls with each caller giving different coordinates.

A map posted to the Veterans’ page shows that the skull was found up the road on the side of the highway from what they claim is the site of the bunker that they previously found, which some reports say was demolished by black vans.

By any estimate, the skull was found well within the borders of what constitutes the suspected child-trafficking area in Tucson.

We will continue to provide updates when law enforcement and witnesses make more information available.

“Border Patrol doesn’t want to touch this body,” Arthur stated during a live feed while waiting for law enforcement to arrive.

“Yes, we do have a child’s body found.

"There are other bones scattered out in this area.

“You can see where it’s decomposing.

"You can smell the death on it.”

the child s skull was located at the child sex trafficking bunker © press
The child's skull was located at the child sex trafficking bunker

Law enforcement not trusted

Arthur told his crew to continue calling 911.

“Get the sheriff’s department or someone that’s going to come take over the scene.

"We have a spot that we need to get to fast that we believe is tied to this, and we don’t trust them at all at this point.

"We do not trust them because of what they did at the last camp, because of how they left us hanging for 5 days.”

Veterans on Patrol handed the scene over to the Sheriff’s Department and jumped in the car to head to the next location.

“We will just wait and see what the sheriff’s find there,” Arthur said.

On the way to the next scene Arthur started a 3min live feed and posted it on the VOP Alpha Co.-Team Pulaski Facebook page.

“Border Patrol just driving by, not giving a sh*t, leaving these guys out here–well you’re just gonna have to call them (sheriff’s office)-Well, what if our guys had dead phones?

"They’d be out searching in the desert for hours?

"We had like three people who had dead phones because the heat drains their battery down.”

Arthur went on to describe the gruesome scene:  

“It’s going to be recent somewhat, sh*t in the desert decomposes real fast.

"If you can still smell and see the juices and stuff and look underground at the spinal cord was and you can kinda look inside and still see this child is decomposing, but it’s rapidly decomposing.”

Arthur continued:

“They make more money off kids than they do drugs.

"That’s a fact, literally.

"They make more money off kids and human trafficking than they do the dope, cause the government gets about 60% of their dope take.

"Just saying.”

They then concluded the live feed by saying they were on their way to the next site and would check back in shortly.

the vets say they don t trust the sheriff s department © press
The vets say they don't trust the Sheriff's department

Mysterious tunnels

According to BLP, the Tuscon branch of Veterans on Patrol found a mysterious tunnel near 1-19 and Valencia while scouring the area for homeless veterans.

“Louis Arthur is from the Veterans on Patrol group,” local KOLD13 news reported.

“They search washes and bridges looking for homeless vets they can help get off the streets.”

On Tuesday, the group stumbled upon the bunker.

“I didn’t expect to find something this heinous and inhumane this close,” said Craig Sawyer, a former Navy SEAL and member of the group.

The group found restraints on trees, hair dye, children’s items and pornographic magazines.

After alerting local and federal law enforcement about the situation and receiving no help, the group rallied local volunteers together to physically dig up the site.

Veterans on Patrol has amassed a groundswell of support and has vowed to keep the uncooperative law enforcement entities out of the site while they conduct a private investigation.

They are hopeful to bring cadaver dogs on site to search the area.

Major coverup

The local news media has stopped reporting on the group’s activities.

The situation came to a head this afternoon when, according to the group, they dug up a bloody knife, female underwear, and the plane ticket of a potentially missing girl from Seattle.

The group is trying to contact the girl’s family for verification.

They filmed the finding live on Facebook, and shortly thereafter, the police showed up and arrested two members of the group for trespassing.

children s toys were found along with pornography and restraints © press
Children's toys were found along with pornography and restraints

Arthur has been giving live updates of what has been termed #OperationBackyardBrawl from the Veterans on Patrol Facebook page.

Arthur, a Pastor, suggests in one of the videos that the group suspects that bodies may be buried in the bunker. The group has been dispersed by law enforcement, but Arthur and another member are remaining on what appears to be a tower to oversee the site, setting up a possible confrontation with police.

The group was apparently confronted by suspected cartel member riding on horseback who asked to go into the bunker and retrieve his tools, according to one of the videos on the page.

Interestingly, the land on which the bunker was found is owned by CEMEX, a multinational building materials company based in Mexico. The company is a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative:

the land owners are connected to the clintons © press
The land owners are connected to the Clintons

CEMEX also lobbied Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

See the screenshot below:

the land owners lobbied clinton s state department © press
The land owners lobbied Clinton's State Department

They were awarded a $7 million contract in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State:

cemex was awarded a  7 million contract © press
CEMEX was awarded a $7 million contract
disturbing images from inside the child sex trafficking bunker © press
Disturbing images from inside the child sex trafficking bunker

This story is developing.

We will bring you updates as and when we get them.

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